You want me to attend your rally?

Then don’t coordinate it on fucking Facebook. If you’re coordinating via Facebook, I can only assume that you do not wish SANE people to participate.

Possibly you like they ease of inputting private data into facebook. You like its event scheduler. It’s easy. You don’t have to work at it.

But if I were stupid enough to open a Facebook account

1. I’d have to give them a valid email address
2. I’d have to give them a good phone number
3. I’d have to give them a real name
4. Thanks to idiots like you adding Facebook tracking tags to your websites, Facebook can then track me and assemble a dossier on me, linked to the data I would have been stupid enough to provide deliberately.

As is, Facebook is doing all that anyway. Refer to this week’s House and Senate hearings wherein Marx Fuckerberg admitted they assemble dossiers on “non-users,” and that to see what they have on you…

You have to create a Facebook account and validate everything they’ve collected.

Facebook you and your apparently insane rally.