I’ve been busy with other important (to me) stuff, I’m late to the game.

Sinclair Broadcast Group Forces Nearly 200 Station Anchors To Read Same Script
Last month, local TV news anchors across the country turned to face the camera and share what appeared to be their personal concerns about journalism. They all had the same concerns.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER #1: The sharing of bias and false news has become all too common on social media.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER #2: On social media. And more alarming, some media outlets publish these same fake…

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER #3: Publish these same fake stories without checking facts first.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER #4: Unfortunately, some members of the media use their…

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER #5: Use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control…

When I finally got around to this, I did one quick check: Yep, Sinclair Broadcast Group is “Eyewitness News.”

Many years ago, someone noticed how nationwide fads suddenly all got news air time all at once across the country: stranger danger, risky kids’ games (back before the lunatic “YouTube challenge” of the day), abuse of some drug no one ever heard of, whatever. It was quickly noted that these were all “Eyewitness News” stations.

As I recall, someone got to one station rep who freely admitted that they work from suggested news items and scripts provided by a “network.” They were encouraged to scrounge up local stories, then tie them into the designated national public interest crapola. They said it was very common in the news industry, and there are services to provide these little suggestions, that they didn’t just come done from the affiliate broadcast network.

But it’s all coordinated. And scripted. As you see yet again.

Back when I travelled a lot, and watched TV, I would amuse myself by watching the same damned stories with names and serial numbers changed to match the locale. All across the country. That’s just one of many reasons I’ve long taken news — especially television news — with a 50 pound grain of salt.

SO why the hell is this suddenly… news? Again.

Staring into the abyss

From The Zelman Partisans:

Losing the War?
I read a lot of RKBA news. Seriously: A lot. (And that matters, as you’ll see.)

One theme that started popping up last week is the idea that RKBA advocates are somehow losing the culture war.

If you read the national news (or watch television, or get your news from mainstream web sites), that’s an easy conclusion to reach. So long as you don’t look too closely.

As I said, I read a lot of news. I must, to put together the weekly TZP news summary. Besides my casual browsing, I use several pre-built news searches on a variety of terms. The terms were selected to produce headlines from various points of view.

Probably 90% of the actual results reflect only one point of view; that RKBA is losing. You see it in “news” reports and Letters to the Editor (LtE) alike. You see it in polls and surveys.

And it’s BS.


And this is how we end up with folks who give up the fight, and simply wait for the revolution in which they hope to kill their enemies.

Missing the real story

Some are upset about CNN joking about Trump’s plane crashing. But look closer at Malveaux face.

And her hand.

CNN Crew Jokes about Donald Trump’s Plane Crashing
CNN Correspondent Suzanne Malveauxjoke [sic] was covering the Carrier press conference, that featured both Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

I didn’t pay much attention at first because… people joke. About anything. It’s hardly just CNN.

But then my sister pointed out something. Pale white hand. Trump-class orangish/brown face. Are they trying to make her look more Hispanic (or other darker than us other whities)?

Maybe a hijab Is next. Escalating to a burka.