Where was he when I was selling my guns for cash?

Faux Snooze is saying that the San Berdoo terrorists paid $30,000 for their weapons and ammunition.

  • Smith & Wesson M&P 15 (List $1,119)
  • DPMS AR-15 (List $819.00)
  • Springfield Armory XD-S (List $639.99)
  • Llama 1911 (List $499.99)
  • @ 6,000 rounds of ammunition* (List $1,817)

For those prices, I did quick web searches and deliberately picked high prices.

Total: $4,894.98

I guess the other $25,105.02 was for pipe bombs. They should have shopped at Cabela’s. And Lowes.

* Based on reports of 3,400 rounds of .223, 2,200 rounds of 9mm, and ‘several hundred’ rounds of .22 LR.

For some reason, Faux Snooze is afraid of Rand Paul

I assume that’s why they’re lying about his positions. For instance, I walked through the living room just in time to hear some Faux idiot at a state fair claim that Rand Paul supports Democratic programs, and specifically cited Obamacare as one he likes.

I suspect that would be news to Paul.

“I was not a member of the US Senate during the 111th Congress, but if I had been I would have voted against ObamaCare. As your President, one of my first acts would be to repeal the abomination that is ObamaCare.”

My guess is that they’re assuming Paul’s tea partier base is stupid enough to believe that.

C’mon, Faux. I don’t even have a dog in this fight, and I know that’s a frickin’ stupid lie.

Points missed

[Major chain of over-priced caffeine]*’s “Race Together” campaign has been terribly misunderstood. Darned near everyone is polarizing over whether the campaign itself is racist, or denigrating, or merely stupidly simplistic.

None of the above. It’s marketing genius.

Remember: a prime tenet of advertising is, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”** Anything that gets a company’s name in people’s faces goes. For the price of a few full page ads, [Major chain of over-priced caffeine] has gotten hours¬†and column yards of national coverage, with its name and logo splashed over TV screens, newspapers, and web sites. For free. Every retweet is an unpaid advertisement.

Marketing. Effing. Genius.

Someone has a big bonus coming.

(Aside: Faux ran a [Major chain of over-priced caffeine] rant this morning for several minutes. Company’s logo was on-screen almost the whole time — presumably at no charge — and kept repeating the name. But what amused me was that they also showed the “Race Together” quiz that [Major chain of over-priced caffeine] ran in newspapers. All about quantifying how time time you spend associating with people of other races. It was amusing because I tried mentally answering the questions and had to give up because… How the heck do I know? So many friends, ex-girlfriends, extended family, associates, and random strangers on the street are such mongrels that I don’t have any idea how to classify them. I never found any need to do that. Dear Bog, the US Census has 14 different answers for “race,” not counting “other.” To answer [Major chain of over-priced caffeine]’s quiz <i>forces</i> you arbitrarily discriminate.)

* If you know who I’m talking about, my point is proved. If you don’t… Well, I’m not mentioning their name until they send me a check.

** I personally saw this belief exemplified by a telco city sales manager who proudly displayed an above-the-fold half page, continued-inside article about how horrible his company was. When I noted the article was negative (“never do business with [insert company name]”), he replied, “But people will know our name!” Happily, that company went bankrupt after I left and no longer exists.

Unclear on the concept

So ISIS is building its own social media network.* Big deal. I’m only talking about that indirectly.

Faux Snooze was just talking about it (the TV is in a common area that I have to walk through). The hairspray heads were all puffed up with indignation and outrage. They showed the DNS record from “this thing called Network Solutions”.

They redacted the DNS record; IP address, nameservers, registrant…


-sigh- Back when I was still amused by the Clinton email kerfluffle, I tried explaining to Faux (and Rep. Trey Gowdy) how that traffic was routed, and where an archive of the emails could likely be found, despite deletions (it’s a toss-up whether it would still work; depends on that company wanting to CYA by letting HRC dangle in the wind). Now I understand why nothing ever came of it: these people are such technological illiterates that they can’t even figure how to contact an IT pro. My babytalk explanation probably went over their pointy heads. I expect I lost them at “IP” (no doubt some staffer is busily trying to figure out whatinhell “intellectual property” has to do with it).

Ah, well. Judging by that ISIS page, the anti-knowledge, medieval morons there are about as ill-informed as Faux. And just as willing to publicly display their idiocy. That site displays an English-language picture linked to an Arab version, and a link to a dead Twitter account.

* Oh noes! I just linked to a terrorist site. I’m doomed! The TSA will take away my sneakers and underwear.