The hell?

I’m going to give him benefit of the doubt and assume that he broke rule 2 along with the others.

San Francisco Sheriff’s Deputy Accidentally Discharges ‘Baby Glock’ Inside Hall of Justice
Sources told NBC Bay Area that Gaines brought the handgun, a 22-caliber “baby” Glock, to work and was apparently not familiar with how it operated. She handed it to Santos and asked him about its use, sources said. The second deputy pointed the weapon at the first deputy and – apparently unaware the weapon was loaded – pulled the trigger. The round missed the her, piercing an equipment storage cabinet, before lodging in the office wall.

Taking that at face value…

That wasn’t an “accidental” discharge. It wasn’t even negligent. He meant to point the gun at a person and pull the trigger. Thank Ghu he demonstrated standard NYPD-style LEO marksmanship.

A “22-caliber ‘baby’ Glock”? Aside from the missing decimal point, what the hell does that mean? I’m not a Glock guy, but isn’t the model 26 (9mm) the one that gets called a baby Glock? If it’s a Glock 22, they’ve got the caliber wrong (I once had a cop come in the store trying to buy “22 bullets” for his “law enforcement gun;” he had a Glock 22 and had no ideqa what ammo it ate, he just put in preloaded mags from the department armory). Huh. Maybe it had the .22 conversion kit.

Only freaking Ones.

Only One has ND, runs away

Officer Has ND In Store While Trying On Concealed Carry Shirt
According to the Warren Times Observer, the officer was attempting to see how his concealed carry pistol would fit in the shirt. During this time, it’s believed that his finger managed to drop by the trigger, causing a round to penetrate through the shirt and into the bench. The officer then abandoned the items in the dressing room and fled the scene. Police have charged him with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

Am I the only person who unloads guns before testing them in a new holster?