I prefer the unabridged edition

Dipstick Robert S. Lasnik, federal judge Western District of Washington, is an oath-breaking moron.

TL;DR: He blocked the public downloads of DefDist’s gun files — but only from DefDist’s web site (if I recall correctly, SCOTUS has previously ruled that courts can’t block the release of information already in the public domain). But it’s OK, because Lasnik only abridged rights (his own word).

Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech

Screw him.

And speaking of the public domain, just to be clear, those meme images are now in the public domain. Use them freely.

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Soliciting Bribes?

Woodfin: ‘Give me your gun and I will personally help you get a job.’
“Give me your gun and I will personally help you get a job,” he says.

Give me stuff, and I’ll set you up with a paying gig? Sounds like the mayor of Birmingham is asking for bribes. It wasn’t turn in your guns, or I’ll sponsor a job fair/”buyback”.

“Give me…”

Well, it wouldn’t be the first bit of corruption in his shiny new administration.

Biased? We’re not biased.

Deputies: 30 rounds fired from AR-15 in deadly Florida home invasion
Three men say they were asleep inside a mobile home in Glen St. Mary about 4 a.m. Sunday when they heard a voice outside yell “Sheriff’s Office!” before the front door burst open.

Shocking. Clearly ARs — and those nasty high capacity magazines — have no…


The victims told deputies they acted in self-defense when they turned their guns on the intruders, with one of them estimating he fired over 30 rounds from an AR-15 before the threat was over.

Yep. Six (6, seis, sechs, 0110) paragraphs down, you finally learn that the defenders used the AR. The defenders had to fire 30 rounds from the AR alone (no count given for the guy with the pistol).

The war is over.

I used to refer to stuff as dumber than a box of rocks

No more.

Yes, it was pretty stupid when the one Pennsylvania school district decided to arm teachers with a box of rocks. But Millcreek School District is going to “arm” its teachers with baseball bats.

Pardon me: Little Louisville Sluggers.

Locked up sluggers.

“Stop! Or I shall unlock this safe box!”

“Stop! Or I shall… ding you.”



Oh well.

Dear Bog, they found something dumber’n a box of rocks. What the… the… frack is wrong with Pennsylvania? Is it the water? Proximity to DC? Alien mind control rays?

Of course, we can’t “arm” teachers with evil guns, because they don’t have the same training as cops.

1. No sane person on the RKBA side is talking about “arming” teachers with guns. We’re talking about allowing people who’ve already met the requirements to be armed in public continue to do so in public schools.

2. The firearms training requirements for teachers and cops differ for the same reason that driving requirements differ: Teachers aren’t cops. They aren’t supposed to go out hunting for a shooter with the intent of engaging her. We simply expect them to defend themselves — and the children entrusted to them already — if the shooter comes for them. You want to know how that works? Check out the 16-17 million licensed concealed carriers who also aren’t hunting down bad guys like a bad cop show.

If 16-17 million CCW folks were doing that, you’d have noticed the spike of millions of shooting deaths already. (On the other hand, crime rates would immediately plummet due to a severe lack of criminals.)

Tell ya what: New Law: No person shall bring an automobile onto school property unless they have successfully completed the federal Law Enforcement Driver Instructor Training Program, or equivalent; 10 days of classroom and behind the wheel training in pursuit, emergency vehicle operation, and all the rest. Never mind that teachers aren’t supposed to jump in their cars and pursue shooters and execute controlled rams to drive them off the road.

Fuck it. Dumbasses want all concealed carriers to meet police standards, so in the spirit of “let’s legislate guns like cars,” everyone has to go to FLETC before they can get a driver’s license.

3. Why the hell are parents putting their kids into classrooms run by teachers whom they think will kill their children if given half a chance?

Nugent: Forgiveness

Rocker Ted Nugent screwed up recently. He posted an offensive graphic that appeared to allege a Jewish/Israel gun control conspiracy, which contained other offensive tidbits in the details. A whole lot people, including the Jewish pro-RKBA group The Zelman Partisans* called him out on it.

And TZP something that no one else bothered with: They reached out to him, spoke with him. Go read.

TL;DR: Ted wanted to make the point that Jews supporting victim disarmament is crazy; a very valid point, and a view that TZP obviously shares. Unfortunately, he grabbed the first “Jewish Gun Controller” graphic he saw and ran with it before looking at exactly what he had (even I missed some of the nastier things until they were brought to my attention). This is the “Motor City Madman,”  after all. Impulsive action vies for first place (with his music) as his brand. He meant well, but screwed up.

And to make it clear: He’s now a member of The Zelman Partisans.


Welcome, Ted.

* Disclosure: I’m a member, write a little for them, and help with their newsletter.