Are. You. Fucking. Nuts?

Via David Codrea

Mobile App Displays Location of Individuals with Concealed Handguns
Halos, a mobile application that allows citizens with concealed handgun permits or are legally entitled to carry a concealed weapon in their state of residence to anonymously and approximately represent themselves on a mobile device, has launched.

That’s right. They want you to pay to be entered into a giant database of people with weapons, and tracked 24/7 in real time. That would be a database subject to warrants and national security letters.

“With Halos, one can now post a giant warning sign for those contemplating violence. Halos’ maps illustrate not only where the good guys are (or are not) but how many are present. We believe that this will create a ‘halo’ effect of safety for our users and deter criminals where there are high concentrations of gun-carrying citizens.”

Um. No. The the halo effect of concealed carry is that they bad guys never know who is carrying when or where. So it prompts the less-stupid to be wary. Halos gives them a service that tells them where they’re more likely to find unarmed targets.

Is Cook an idiot, or a stooge for the Feds? I’d love to ask him, but there’s no contact data on their web site, and they domain registration is proxied with a semi-bogus contact email. I’ll try it.