Comey is obviously planning a new career

Judging by Comey’s bizarre answers in that congressional hearing, he’s clearly looking for a future in stand-up comedy.

Seriously, sending something ‘non-paper’ just means they redact all the classified data and send the unclassified bits; it didn’t mean that they cut off the classification markings and sent it electronically, and we didn’t investigate Clinton lying to Congress because only the IG told us to, but we didn’t have a referral from Congress because we didn’t give Congress the information to know she lied. Or investigating Clinton violated the FRA by witholding emails beyond the deadline, and even lying because she didn’t even turn them all over and we found them later was beyond the investigation’s scope. And so much more. Mostly with a straight face worthy of Josh Earnest

I might have allowed that he recommended no charges out of fear of one of those mysterious accidents and suicides that surround the Clinton’s. But this testimony is so freaking far over the top that he must have been ordered to take one for the team and has been promised some imprressive bennies.


An open letter to every FBI employee


Your boss just announced to the world that Hillary Clinton committed multiple crimes. He listed some of the crimes. And said he won’t recommend charges. At all. But if anyone else does what she did, even in similar circumstances, he’ll nail that poor SOB to the wall. (Well, unless it’s another high level, corrupt, powerful figure.)

That was a big “fuck you” to America. But in case you missed it, it was a big, sharpened fingernails slap in the face to every person who worked on that investigation. Comey just blew off you and all your work.

In short, you shouldn’t bother working because what counts is politics and power. Not the law.

So don’t do the work. Quit.

If you don’t, you’re simply telling the country you’re cool with corrupt cronyism.

You don’t even need to hang around and leak the secrets. Comey didn’t say Clinton’s actions didn’t quite rise to the criminal level. He admitted the crimes. There’s nothing left to leak. You don’t even need to leak memos showing where the no-charges marching orders came from. Americans generally don’t need to be trained FBI analysts to see months of no charges despite Clinton’spublic admissions, a secret meeting between Clinton’s husband, the sequential HRC campaign announcement that she would reappoint Lynch, and then Comey’s big finger to America. We can connect the dots.


Or be as bad as Comey, Lynch, and Clinton.