Smith & Wesson: Redeem Yourself

Some of us remember back to the Clinton administration, when S&W signed onto a government agreement to violate human/civils rights in a manner that the governemt was unable to pass as laws. The much-abbreviated version of events is that a very effective boycott ensued. S&W went bankrupt, and was bought out.

The new owners simply reneged on the deal, and thought that was that. A good many RKBA people agreed. A typical rationale was, “Well, that was the old S&W; this is new management and they didn’t do it.”

I didn’t agree. They bought the old company, name, holdings, and reputation. Part of that reputation was a willingness to go along with unconstitutional edicts.

Another problem is that Smith & Wesson never actually apologized for what they’d done. They said it was a mistake, but they didn’t say they were sorry for making it.

I’ve never bought a S&W product since, and I won’t until they make things right. And now they have a golden opportunity.

David Hogg to S&W: Donate $5 million annually to gun control or be destroyed
With a crowd estimated by the Boston Herald to number about 100 on Sunday, Hogg helped voice the group’s demands for the gun maker to donate $5 million to gun violence research per year and halt the production of firearms outlawed under the state’s assault weapons ban.

Should the company decline, Hogg tweeted, “We will destroy you by using the two things you fear most. Love and economics 🙂 see you soon.”

That’s extortion. That’s a crime, both in Mass law and federal law.

I will — finally — forgive Smith & Wesson if they will do three things.

  • Flatly tell Hogg and his band of criminals, “NO.”
  • File a criminal complaint of criminal extortion (complaints at both state and federal levels would be even better).
  • File a civil suit against the little thugs for Tortious interference.

If S&W will do these three things, all is forgiven. And, to be honest, the company has produced some stuff since the Clinton fiasco which I’d really like to buy. Finally.

I don’t insist that criminal prosecution succeed. I realize that — especially in Massachusetts — prosecutors probably won’t file actual charges. S&W filing the official, formal complaint is sufficient for my needs.

Likewise, with the civil suit. They don’t have to win it. Just try.

I want rights-violators like Hogg to learn that there are consequences for crimes. I want them to waste their own money defending themselves from the results of their own criminal acts.

Make the bastards pay. If only their own lawyers.

She learned nothing in that class


‘I have to continue’: A Parkland survivor speaks about her activism
It’s been four months since a gunman fired into Aalayah Eastmond’s Holocaust history class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, part of a rampage that left 17 people dead.

Eastmond and other survivors have since become frontline voices against gun violence as they continue to crisscross the country urging change.

She should have studied this.

March for Our Lies*: Such Dedication

The victim disarming gun controllers of March for Our Lives planned a die-in gun control protest in Atlanta today.

Atlanta ‘die-in’ gun-law protest cancelled due to weather
The group announced on various social media pages that the event had been cancelled because of “safety concerns arising from the weather forecast.” The group said it planned to reschedule the rally and protest.

That seemed odd. I took a look at weather radar: No precipitation.

Current conditions: 73 degrees and cloudy.

Forecast: 70% chance of scattered thunderstorms around 3PM, well after their demonstration of resolve panty-twisting.

In short, June in Georgia. It’s about the same here right now, except we’re up to 80 degrees.

I can imagine the scene in the MFOL coordinators’ basement.

“Hey, guys; there’s a chance of thunderstorms later today.”


“Yeah, rain, lightning, thunder..”


“Sure, you know… boom.”

“Boom? OMG! Shots fired! Lockdown! Safe space! Teddy bears and emotional support puppies!”

“Cancel the die-in! The NRA is coming!”

Run away! Run away!

I imagine they’re all cowering in closets.

* Not a typo.

I have my suspicions

But honestly, Hogg’s pissed off so many people that it could have been any of millions.

A hoax emergency call falsely claimed there was a hostage situation at the Florida home of gun-control activist David Hogg, leading to a search of the property this morning.
Law enforcement authorities are still trying to determine who made the swatting call on Hogg’s home.

Hogg told WSVN that whoever is behind the swatting hoax is “trying to distract people from the March For Our Lives Road to Change, which we announced yesterday.”

In fact, I think it draws more attention to it. And I find it… odd that someone supposedly tried to swat the punk at a time when it was pretty generally known that he was out of town, and wouldn’t actually be endangered. But would gain more sympathy from folks who think pro-RKBA people are mean to Hogglet.

Draw your own conclusions. But I’d like to see the call records trace myself.

As little respect for the First as the Second

If the GOP had balls, Pence would simply reply with a brief, “F**k you, punk. Read the Constitution.”

Hogg demands Mike Pence cancel NRA speech
Gun-control activist David Hogg now wants to stop elected politicians from speaking to the National Rifle Association. In a tweet Sunday, Mr. Hogg noted that he had signed a petition to “Demand Mike Pence cancel his speech to the NRA convention on May 4.”

But it’s the GOP. If they had balls and read the Constitution, none of this would matter anyway.

Children should not legislate

If only because they are too young to recall how it used to be.

Parkland survivor suggests Florida spring break boycott until gun control law passes
“Let’s make a deal DO NOT come to Florida for spring break unless gun legislation is passed,” David Hogg wrote on Twitter. He says the politicans aren’t listening to students and others calling for gun control, “so maybe they’ll listen to the billion dollar tourism industry in FL. #neveragain.”

He’s made it clear he isn’t familiar with stuff as old as the Constitution. But recent history remains unmastered as well.

Once upon a time, Florida had what Pencilneck here would consider “stronger” gun laws.

It also had a little tourism problem.

It seems that wily criminals figured out that tourists were basically disarmed by state law. Tourists were getting mugged and murdered left and right. After a particularly nasty murder of a German national, Germany issued an advisory for its citizens to avoid Florida.

Florida finally did a few things about the problem. One was not letting car rental companies conspicuously mark their cars, making tourist ID a little tougher for criminals. That’s a little silly, since folks not in rental cars were getting hit.

Florida then allowed nonresident concealed carry.. They recognized several other states ‘CCW licenses, and they will issue Florida licenses to qualified nonresidents..

And suddenly tourism crime dropped to… well, I hate to put it this way, but normal levels.

So go right ahead, pencilboy. “Toughen” your laws. And watch the tourism stay away — again — because you want helpless victims for your criminal buddies.