This should make the prez election results interesting.

Iran has issued a warrant for the arrest of Trump and 35 others, for the killing of Soleimani, Iran’s ex-bossman for terror ops.

In the old days, when I still had hope for America, this would just be good for a chuckle. But we’ve entered the Crazocracy, which makes Heinlein’s “Crazy Years” look like short, well-behaved house party. But I think that education, reasoning ability, impulse control, schizophrenia, et al have irreversibly devolved to the point that…

Should Trump lose to whomever Dementia Boy Gropin’ Joe’s sock puppet handler turns out to be, there is a very strong possibility that the inbred idiots who believe that saying bad things about Trump makes them true, will extradite Trump to Iran.

They won’t consider the fact that Soleimani was a combatant conducting military operations. They won’t consider the impact on future foreign policy, or peacekeeping operations. They won’t consider the fact that the Iranian government hates America, not just Trump, and this won’t pacify them. They won’t consider the fact that they’ll establish the precedent that they in turn can be extradited for hurting some enemy country’s feelz. All that will count is Orange Man bad, get him!.

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Let ’em build a nuke

The Manhattan Project developed the first nukes (three bombs; two different varieties) from scratch in less than four years. Less than six years, even if you start counting from the first proof of concept controlled nuclear fission.

The Soviets (once they got their hands on tech data) got their first nuke four years after that.

Israel built its first nuclear weapon in 1966.

Pakistan, for cryin’ out loud, is thought to have built its own first nuke in the mid-’80s; thirty years ago. Iran, though…

Their nuclear power program began in the ’50s. They started development of a weapon after the 1979 ouster of the Shah.

36 years.

The most pessimistic estimate for Iran getting a nuclear is three years after they finally get enough centrifuges built and manage to get them to run reliably. Apparently no one really thinks they’ve accomplished that part yet. I don’t.

Iran has a technical problem. It’s run by a bunch of medievally-minded fundamentalist religious fanatics who despise knowledge and progress (you see the same thing with nutcases in Egypt trashing archaeological sites, Taliban in Afghanistan destroying statues of Buddha, and ISIS idiots smashing museums and bulldozing entire sites).

The best and brightest of Iran’s techies got the hell out of Dodge after the Shah was overthrown. They’re left with sub-competents and photoshop artists. Really, really bad photoshoppers.

With a pre-existing nuclear knowledge base, Iran has taken more than ten times as long as America did it from scratch — 70 years ago — to still not build a bomb. Frankly, I’m not real worried, even if Dubya’s administration did claim that they were a mere six months from a bomb… a decade ago.

But let’s say they manage it. Or more likely, they find someone to sell them one. They could mount it on one of those ‘shopped missiles and let JarJar press the button.


If Iran came up with enough highly enriched uranium for a bomb, the first we’d know of it would likely be when some illiterate janitor, none too sure of anything invented during the almost 1400 years since Mo kicked the bucket, tidies things up by stacking it all neatly in a broom closet.

Problem solved. If Iran got their paws on a nuke, they’d be more of danger to themselves than anyone else. Pardon my lack of concern.