Mr. Burson is now seeking employment with someone who has never heard of the Internet

Starbucks barista has complete meltdown over new Unicorn Frappuccino
A Starbucks barista has taken to social media hoping to make orders for the coffee chain’s much buzzed about Unicorn Frappuccino disappear.

Job tip: Don’t bitch to the entire world about your employer’s popular product because it’s too much work for you.

Worst day of his life. Sticky hands. Never worked so hard. So stressed.

Try setting up a radar-homing missile navigation beacon in a war zone. And hunkering down when you hear missiles have launched. Try digging eleven miles of ditches in the desert. And I’ve washed off worst things than sugary syrup from my hands. Things that called for soap, then bleach, then hydrogen peroxide, then alcohol. Engine grime is nothing. Sugar?

Stress? Deal with multiple death threats from convicted violent felons.

Suck it up, buttercup.

At this point, Burson’s best bet for re-employment is to claim ADA protection because he’s a mentally under-developed idiot.

The video is here, too (F******k).