Libertarians: The Gun Control Party

Oh. My.

Gun Owners of America has released their 2016 candidate ratings. There are decently rated folks in my state and district. Although I still won’t vote for the Republican House incumbent, even though he’s actually pretty good on 2A/RKBA; after the NHGOP fiasco I vowed to never again vote for anyone with an R after his name (search “NH Scott Brown Marilinda Garcia”). There is a Libertarian running for Senate, but…

Out of curiosity, I also looked at New Hampshire ratings, since I used to live there. Chabot, the LP candidate, is rated frickin’ F.

Wanna know why?

1. You would need a “Firearms Safety” card to so much as touch a firearm outside of a class on firearms safety.

2. You would need a certification in a class of weapons in order to purchase a weapon of that class. For instance, a certification you know how to use and maintain a revolver before you may purchase one. This applies to both private transfers and dealer sales.

3. You would also need a usage certification for how you use your firearm. If you hunt, for instance, you’d need to pass a course in using firearms for hunting. This would allow you to hunt, but not to carry for self defense. That would be a different certification.
In addition to the written test, the trainer should also be allowed to veto anyone who is not of sound mind and body to successfully & safely exercise the tasks associates with the specific certification.
So, for ANY transfer of ownership, the buyer would present the first two credentials to the seller. The seller would need to be satisfied of their validity and may verify them and the buyer’s identification. The seller is legally responsible for verifying the buyer is legal. Bam. Private sales now require valid credentials.
If you are carrying a firearm (open carry, or if your concealed carry fails to remain concealed, or whenever anyone has a question about a person carrying a firearm, they may ask to see the *three* qualification cards above to verify the person in question is well trained.”

Yep. Three/3/drei different and separate permission slips. For each type and purpose of weapon. Got an AR for hunting, target shooting, and home defense? That’s one “Firearm Safety” card, one semiauto rifle card, one hunting card, one self defense card, and one sporting card. Five permission slips just for the one weapon.

Each individually subject to an arbitrary veto by a private party with no appeal.

Perhaps you think Chabot is merely a troll running as a self-declared “Libertarian” and he isn’t representative of the party. It happens.


“Just a few hours ago, by unanimous consent, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire gave their support to Brian Chabot’s campaign to represent NH in the US Senate.”

Johnson and Weld are not simply national level anomalies. The state parties are as thoroughly corrupted. I now officially and unanimously add the LP to the list of parties for whom I will never ever vote, should I decide to fill out a ballot.

Added: Dear Bog, Chabot is the LPNH’s vice chair. And they really did officially nominate him for Senate.