I’m not “man” enough. I still have external genitalia.

Are you man enough to wear a romper?

Billed as the new favorite summer outfit for men seeking something that is not ” too corporate, too fratty, too runway or too basic,” RompHim creators say the cotton onesies can be worn to everything from concerts to the beach to the bar.

To the bar. I’m a-thinkin’ the bars these… men go to aren’t the sort I used to patronize. They might get beat up in those.

I suppose they’re aiming for the pajama boy demographic.

Modern Not-a-Man

So by now everyone has heard about the NYT ‘Modern Man’ article. It’s been fisked to death (Larry Correia’s deconstruction is probably the best I’ve seen), but…

When this stuff shows up in certain venues, it’s hard to tell if it’s outright trolling,  if the clowns think they’re merely satirizing ‘fly-over’ country, and don’t understand us well enough to pull it off, or if they believe this shit. I won’t bother. I’ll just leave you with this:

Brian Lombardi: [sings]
I am the very model of the modern metrosexual,
I’ve information vegan, gluten-free, and ineffectual,
I know the kings of Washington, and I run from fights historical,
Though my gov-school knowledge is really quite hysterical.
(to the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General’)