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Short Arms

Parkland teens keep gun-control grown-ups at arm’s length
“You can help us, but you’re not going to run us,” Kasky said. “There are some things we’re going to inevitably need help with. But our message, our organization, our platform — that’s us.”


  • New England Patriots donate plane to fly Stoneman Douglas students to ‘March for Our Lives’
    Bleacher Report reports Patriots owner Robert Kraft made the gesture on behalf after being asked by former Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords.
  • Gun Control: Why the Response to Parkland Was Different
    Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety and Giffords – organizations have spent the last several years laying the foundation of a national network powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with the NRA, but nimble enough to seize the momentum of a moment like this one.
  • Leaked Audio: Anti-gun Giffords Foundation Behind “Student-led” March for Our Lives
    While the liberal mainstream media continue to sell the line that this weekend’s “March for Our Lives” is a student-led, student-organized rally for “common-sense gun control,” the reality is that it is led and organized by the “usual suspects” in the anti-gun crowd. The kids are just window dressing for the sake of an emotional appeal. A YouTube video of leaked audio reveals that the real organization leading the rally is the anti-gun Giffords Foundation.
  • Who’s Really Behind March for Our Lives?
    The March for Our Lives permit application was filed by Deena Katz, a co-executive director of the Women’s March Los Angeles Foundation. This wasn’t just a little bit of professional activist assistance.
    Who are those people? A leaked document reveals that the March for Our Lives Action Fund is actually overseen by six directors and is incorporated in Delaware.
  • ‘Concerned’ Mom & Creator of National School Walkout Protest for Gun Control Was Top CNN News Producer for Almost 20 Years
    But curiously when reporters and Schexnyder discuss the activist’s plans and background they seem to always omit the fact she worked nearly two decades at CNN as a senior producer, coordinating the same exact type of campaigns for the media as she now proposes under the banner of concerned, anti-gun mom propelled into action by the deadly Florida school shooting last week.
  • NRA says violent radicals are behind the March For Our Lives
    the Women’s March was promoting gun control activism. That’s true. The youth organizers have posted a detailed gun control policy including a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. They promoted the National School Walkout protest in mid March and provided a toolkit for young organizers who wanted to hold their own local events.
  • Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Fallon & More Stars Support Teens Against Gun Violence
    The stars are supporting the NAACP Youth & College Division, MTV and other local organizations in sending 17 buses full of teenagers to Washington, D.C. for the student-led protest March For Our Lives on Saturday.
    Other stars involved in supporting the efforts are Yara Shahidi, Nick Cannon, Carmelo Anthony, Pusha T, Halsey, The Roots and Chloe x Halle.
  • How one tweet turned into a grassroots anti-gun movement
    Elizabeth Andrews, a D.C. attorney and mother of a high schooler, was moved by the poise and eloquence of students from Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after the deadly Feb. 14 shooting. So four days after the shooting, she tweeted an offer to host young protesters coming to Washington for the newly announced March For Our Lives rally in support of stronger gun control measures.
  • Soros-backed “Student” Movement Against Guns Vows “Revolution”
    The so-called “March For Our Lives” movement, which has the backing of front groups for establishment billionaires such as George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, intends to exploit traumatized children to advance further restrictions on gun rights and the Second Amendment following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

That’s about ten minutes worth of searching. I included a range of slant deliberately to illustrate that it isn’t just rightwing gunclingers who say the querulous kiddies have some grown-up backing.

Hey, Kasky. If you’re such a grownup, speaking and organizing for yourselves, The Zelman Partisans still have some questions for you. And an open offer to write an unedited column. You should maybe check your Twitter, Facebook,, and email for all the attempts to contact you.

Killers for Gun Control

Repentent New York school shooter pens letter from jail praising ‘courageous and inspiring’ Florida school shooting survivors for demanding gun control laws
Wannabe Mass-Murderer Sides with Victim Disarmers
A New York school shooter recently penned a letter from jail praising Florida students for being ‘courageous and inspiring’ while demanding politicians take action against gun violence.

A would-be mass murderer stole a gun, took it to a gun-free zone, and shot someone. All illegal then and now.

And he sides with puppets David and Emma of “Never Again MSD” to be sure schools remain “gun-free” helpless victim zones. Fuuny; this chumbucket had to be stopped by faculty, too. So where were the cops paid to protect us their butts?

He wants “gun safety” of the sort that won’t stop him should he decide to try again after his projected 2021 release.

Reminds of that night a bunch of convicted felons were watching a TV program advocating gun control. “Oh, yeah. Do that. Won’t stop me getting a gun, and I’ll know nobody else does.”

In a rational world, in which the “news” was there to inform rather than manipulate, you’d think someone would wonder, “If bad guys are the strongest advocates for gun control, is this really what we want to do?”

Unless the gun controller are violent criminals waiting to happen.

Try it: A message to “Never Again MSD”

Law enforcement failed 42 times to do anything about the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School murderer. The school failed to do anything about him. DCF failed, despite an apparent adjudication of mental incompetence. In turn, someone in government neglected to report him to NICS, so he was able to buy a gun from an FFL.

The Coward County Sheriff’s Office ignored an impassioned plea from a family member. (Several, really, including one from the suspect himself.)

The FBI ignored TWO reports of concern about the shooter-to-be. One of those reports was very detailed; including that the suspect was armed and wanted to shoot up his former school. The other report was that the suspect wanted to be a famous school shooter.

Coward County Sheriff’s deputies… cowered outside, and let the shooter kill. (Peterson now claims that he heard shots, but thought they came from outside, therefore he hid… outside. Ignoring screaming kids pouring out of the building.)

So you blame…

The rifle. And every honest gun owner in the country who didn’t commit the crime.

There are an estimated 16,000,000 AR-pattern rifles alone in America. The Parkland shooter used one of those, which government should have prevented him having in the first place.

There are at least 265,000,000 firearm of all types in America. Some estimates reach 750,000,000.

Your shooter used one.

You want “assault weapons” banned. Yet you have no constitutionally specific definition of such. As a result honest gun owners reasonably wonder if you plan to take them all.

Estimates of gun owners range from 55,000,000 to over 120,000,000.

Your shooter was one PROHIBITED PERSON.

But you blame all gun owners — whom, I repeat, didn’t do it — for the criminal acts of one prohibited person whom the government allowed to kill. You negligently throw out the term “NRA” as shorthand for all gun owners and accuse us of murder, which sounds like slander/libel to me.

As many as 120,000,000 honest people armed with as much as 750,000,000 small arms are watching you accuse and threaten us; watching you attempt to sic the forces of government on us for crimes we did not commit, in a mass 18 U.S. Code § 241 conspiracy against constitutionally-protected human/civil rights.*

Forces of government” seemingly too incompetent to stop one crazed killer.

Is it wise to piss off that many armed people with only the Browardly backing of government?

Try it. Try us.

* What? You believed CNN when they told you only “NRA” money keeps politicians from doing YOUR bidding? No, it’s 55,000,000 to 120,000,000 VOTERS who will — and have in past — toss their oathbreaking posteriors out of office.