We don’ need no steenkin’ equal protection under the law

District Attorney Vance & Police Commissioner O’Neill Speak Out Against the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act
“Concealed carry reciprocity is an attack on local law enforcement, and an attack on local laws,” said District Attorney Vance. “The same laws that apply to rural areas should not apply to urban areas with millions of people and thousands of police.

Well, it’s NYC. “Equal protection” always yielded to money and political connections.

Someone who goes to the trouble of undergoing background checks, fingerprinting, photography, paying fees, getting trained is a threat? The freaking law-abiding are the threat?!

Let’s roll with that: Next time they whine about “90% of Americans want background checks,” let’s point out that those folks are exactly the ones the cops consider the real danger.

There’s an easy question

Are Virginia gun laws to blame for gun trafficking in New York?

No. NY laws that effectively subsidize gun trafficking — making it profitable to buy guns at full retail price and smuggle them to NY — are responsible.

And here’s a question of my own for the victim disarmers: If the ready availability of guns in permissive [insert state of your choice] causes crime in your restrictive crime-ridden state, why doesn’t it cause crime in the firearms-source state?

Taxachusetts blames New Hampshire, NY blames VA (and everybody else). And we just look at relative crimes rates and blame the criminals in those other locales.