That’s not suspicious at all.

Not a bit.

You may have heard of “Pizzagate.” You may have heard about “Edgar Maddison Welch,” who allegedly walked into the pizza place to “investigate” Pizzagate. With an AR-15, which he apparently fired.

Now, I don’t really buy into the whole Pizzagate thing. But there is somet5hing weird, and most of what the lamestream muddia is labeling “fake news” looked more like investigations and questions. Not “news.” When Welch reportedly did his thing, I thought it sounded… all too convenient for folks who’d like to make all the Pizzagate investigations go way. Smear it with a lone lunatic.

So I wonder: Exactly how many “Edgar Maddison Welches” can there be in the country? A sub-employed actor/writer/production assistant?

Maybe I should give the Pizzagate allegations a little more credence.