My cringer, however, is still intact

Ken White of Popehat strikes again.

Popehat Signal: Urologist Threatens Penis-Enhancement Forum
Last April a user wrote a post describing a harrowing experience with surgical penis enhancement. How harrowing? I read it and I cringed so much my cringer broke. I am completely without cringe now. I can watch primary debates without any change to my affect.

I started to read the account out of morbid curiosity. I stopped. And that was without seeing the dozens of photos (they don’t display for me; possibly because I’m not logged in) with which the guy documented his woes.

From there, we learn that not only did Dr. James Elist — attention Streisand Effect — reportedly botch the process, but Dr. Elist was apparently foolish enough to hire a seemingly incompetent lawyer (who, I guess, never heard of Section 230 of the CDA nor Streisand) to threaten the web site. And he wants the name of the suffering poster so he can go after him, too. Again.

White raised the Popehat signal and found two attorneys to represent Thundersplace pro bono.*

I’m pretty sure, based on the report and the baseless legal threat, that I would never, ever avail myself of A B C D E-list doctor James Elist’s services, even if I ever felt the need for enhancement.

No penis jokes or double entendres. No profound observations.

I’m just doing my part in introducing Doctor James Elist to Streisand. Pass it on.

* Believe me, resisting that joke was hard.