No so fast there about that wonderful “background check app”

Sean D. Sorrentino thinks the supposed smartphone app for running background checks is a gun owner win.

Now the gut reaction of most gun owners who are politically active will be “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!” But before you jump up on that table and do your best Patrick Henry impression, let me explain why this is a good idea.

Let me explain why Mr. Sorrentino actually has zero idea if this is a good thing.

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No, it’s not impossible, Bennet

This morning, I discovered yet another Democrat presidential hopeful, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet. Looking at polls, it appears he’s currently ranking at “Who?” (Quinnipiac can’t even spell his name right.) Possibly because of stupid crap like this.

‘Impossible’ to argue Colorado’s not safer because of this law: Sen. Michael Bennet
“After Columbine in Colorado, the people of this western state voted to close the gun show loophole and internet loophole,” he said. “It’s impossible to argue that our state isn’t safer because of this law. If McConnell doesn’t take this on the floor, the people of America and the people of Kentucky will hold him accountable for that.”

Ah, the mythical “gun show loophole.” Let’s consider just how effective their law would have been in stopping the Columbine chumbuckets. Would background checks at gun shows have had a useful effect?

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