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Yes, there’s been another school shooting. I’m not bothering to link to any of the stories yet, because the accounts are all still the “let’s run anything just to scoop the competition; screw accuracy” media phase. Various accounts have one shooter, two shooters, one suspect in custody, two suspects in custody, one suspect in custody and one person of interest detained, definite explosives, possible explosives, no explosives, the suspect(s) are both students, the shooter was a former student, and so on and so forth. Casualties are anywhere from 3 to ten or more dead, maybe more injured, some not by gunfire.

Most reports say the shooter wore a trenchcoat, so clearly those need to be banned.

A few reports which described the firearm at all refer to it as a “sawed-off shotgun,” which between distraught witnesses and authorized urinalists could mean anything: a short-barrel shotgun, a straight from the factory 18″ barrel, a pistol gripped weapon, or a cut down stock. Who knows yet?

One witness was fairly specific about the shooter: a former student (sophomore or junior) was always wore a trenchcoat and was “weird.” Let’s roll with some speculation on that:

Prediction, when facts settle out: Shooter was known to have mental health issues, probably with threats or acts of violence. I’m guessing SSRIs involved. People warned about him. He may have been suspended or expelled. But not arrested. He’ll be under-age to lawfully purchase a weapon. The weapon unlawfully possessed was unlawfully concealed. Murder, of course, is also unlawful.

Again, that’s idle speculation based on one witness statement to a reporter. We’ll see.

Prediction 2: The weapon will be an “assault weapon” in three… two… one…

The one thing we “know” — based on leftosphere screeching — is that this was a planned terrorist attack conducted by the NRA. I have a low opinion of the NRA, but that strikes even me as unlikely.


I’m guessing self-defense

Shooting at Nashville mall leaves 1 dead; suspect in custody
A 22-year-old man has died after a shooting at Nashville’s Opry Mills Mall, according to officials.

Emergency dispatchers first received a report of an active shooter around 2:23 p.m., but when they arrived at the mall, there was no active shooter but an altercation involving two to three people in a hallway, a spokesperson for the Nashville Police Department said in a press conference.

Well… NO. If you read the story, there had been an altercation, which was over by the time they arrived.

The suspected shooter is in custody after he initially fled the scene, police said.

Well… NO. Again. The very next line says:

He went to a ticket booth on the side of the mall, where tickets for the Grand Ole Opry are sold, and surrendered by placing the gun on the counter and telling witnesses that he wanted no more trouble and to call 911, police said.

Altercation. Two shots fired. Shooter turns gun over to witness. Surrenders. Asks for 911 to be called. While we have seen similar scenarios where the shooter was most definitely the bad guy, this doesn’t have the same feel.

Great Ghu, the response for one person shot and a shooter waiting to be arrested.

I count six ambulances, six police vehicles, and a fire truck. Hope there’s not another Waffle House shooting while they’re tied up.

Another Anti-Gun Protest

When I first heard about this one, I thought it was a little odd. One person shot… in the ankle? I figured some wanna-be thug was showing off his pistol and had an ND. Seemed reasonable, as one shot was initially reported, with the shooter immediately in custody.

1 student injured in Florida high school shooting; suspect in custody, officials say
[Chumbucket] faces eight charges, including terrorism, aggravated assault with a firearm, culpable negligence, carrying a concealed firearm, possession of a firearm on school property, possession of short-barreled shotgun, interference in a school function and armed trespassing on school property.

Good thing all those gun control laws stopped…

Um. Wait.

Oh well.

On the bright side, since this wasn’t Coward County, the school resource officer actually… acted, reportedly getting the suspect in custody within three minutes of the shooting.

But I wonder about this guy’s motive.

[Bucket O’Chum] claimed he bought his shotgun a week after the school shooting in Parkland, before the legal limit was changed to 21, in a private sale without any background check, from someone he met online.

“Do you feel sorry? Do you feel remorseful?” WESH 2 News asked Bouche.

“Yeah. That’s why I put down the gun. I could’ve kept going,” he said.

He makes a point of hitting every high point the anti-rights crowd harps on?

Under 21? Check.
Online sale? Check.
No background check? Umm… check.

And he claims he wasn’t trying to shoot anyone.

When one reporter asked if Bouche was “trying to shoot someone,” he shook his head.

“I shot through the door,” he said. “I didn’t see anyone.”

By the time he stepped out of the bathroom, [Asshole] said he was overcome with a “disgusting feeling,” and fired the shotgun at the bottom of a locked classroom door before hearing someone scream.

[Chum], who said he “could’ve kept going,” threw down the gun and surrendered to a teacher.

And he picked the day of the planned anti-gun walkout, the anniversary of a notorious school shooting. He fired what he expected to be harmless shots, then put the gun down, and surrendered.

Sounds to me like a left-wing, anti-gun loonie who wanted to make an anti-gun point, to further the victim disarmament cause.

And I want to be sure this point is out there:

“I got a sawed off shotgun…”

Not “I got a shotgun and sawed it off.” He obtained a sawn down firearm. That makes the unregistered transfer of an NFA firearm illegal from the start. SO of course he didn’t go through a background check. How many criminals do?

Ah, and here’s something I wondered about.

He dreamed of joining the U.S. Marine Corps to get away from the chaos around him, [the bastard] said, but that hope was dashed after, at age 14, he was evaluated for mental health issues under the Baker Act. He said he is not mentally ill.

A prohibited person.

So lessee… A person prohibited from possessing a firearm under current law, illegally purchased a sawed-off shotgun in violation of existing law, unlawfully concealed (current law) it, and took it to a school already “gun-free” under current law, and shot someone (also already illegal).

Just wanted to be clear on that.

Must have been a revolver

The YouTube HQ shooting apparently started around 12:46 PM (3:46 EDT), so it’s been more than two hours. By this time we’ve usually heard how the shooter had a full semiautomatic AR-15 “assault rifle” ghost gun loaded with bullet-piercing ghost bullets in 30 caliber Massacre Machine Gun Magazine clips, probably with a bump stock and a multi-burst trigger activator. You know, your typical “Mass-Shooting Gun.”


Seriously. I’ve seen nothing about the weapon. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, That’s pretty damned unusual

I’m guessing an old 5-shot .38 revolver.

Earlier reports did say the shooter was white, but that seems to have fallen out of the narrative. And no one seems curious about the dark top and head scarf.

Her motive may never be known.

Someone should have watched the videos before yapping to the press

The Tulsa police shooting.

[Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby] first saw Crutcher’s tan SUV, which was parked in the middle of a two-lane roadway with the windows down. As she was peering inside the car, she turned around and saw Crutcher approaching her.

Oddly, the video shows her near the police car, not the SUV, with Crutcher between it and his SUV.


Then, Crutcher put his hands up, without receiving instructions to do so, which she thought was strange, Wood said.

The last time the cops came up on me from behind like I certainly raised my hands. Since the video appears to show her pointing her sidearm at him, I’m not surprised he raised his hands.

She believed he was reaching into the car to retrieve a weapon.

Through that “open window?”


For now, assuming no photoshopping, that does appear to show a closed window. Note the reflection, as well as the dark streak extending down the window and continuing down the door. If it can be shown that the image the family displayed has been faked, I’ll revisit my opinion. Nota bene: My image here is a crop of a video still of the displayed image; I did enhance brightness and contrast and added the colored oval. I did not other alter the image.

If I were in Oklahoma, I would now be ineligible for jury duty for any trial related to this. If the lawyer’s assertion of his client’s claims are correct, then she lied about 1) her position, 2) that Crutcher walked up on her, 3) that he raised his hands for no reason, 4) that the window was open, and 5) that he reached into the “open” window.

Viewing the videos show no rational reason to shoot the man. Five statements directly contradicted by the videos, suggest…

Well, I’ll let you decided what the combination of shooting and lying about it suggests.