Smart Guns

Undocumented immigrant charged in string of Kansas City shootings says ‘voices’ told him who to shoot
Pompa-Rascon is in the country illegally from Mexico, having crossed the border four times.

He admitted to the shootings, saying voices tell him to shoot, but that he decides with his heart who is bad and who to shoot. Pompa-Rascon stated the gun won’t fire if they are good people.

Which is pretty much how smart guns “work” in real life.

Not to mention background checks.

You know, he almost has a point there*

How can we reduce US firearm suicide rates?
Smart gun technology, such as fingerprint recognition, limits use of a gun to the owner and permitted users. Mandating that new guns use the new technology and instituting trade-in programs to replace old guns with safer ones can prevent a household’s firearms from being used for suicide by family members or others with access to the firearm.

If the Armatix iP1 is indicative of smart guns, mandating its use might reduce firearms suicide by ten to twenty percent on failures alone.

* For new readers: sarcasm.

Obama’s “smart” gun initiative: Fuck you, Barry

Barrycade’s final proposal (PDF) for “smart” gun development is out.

On the bright side, he wants to start testing on cops, so this shit ain’t hitting the streets.

And shit it is. It breaks down to three basic elements:

  • User Authorization. Standard “smart” gun allowing only the right people to use the gun. These idiots actually think the Armatix iP1 is a mature, effective technology.
  • Tracking. Yeah, they want to Lojack your gun, so it can be located remotely if “stolen.” Or if some cop on night shift gets bored. Or if a fed/state fusion center decides you’re a bad person.
  • Telemetry. Did you draw your gun from the holster? Your gun will file a real-time report. Shoot? It’ll tattle that, too, and how many times.

They have allowed that this stuff is hard to do. It seems the feds have pumped over $12 million dollars into smart gun development over twenty years, and no one was able to deliver acceptable prototypes.

They don’t address the difficulty of retrofitting the electronics into 320-750 million existing guns, held mostly by people with a distinct lack of interest in the being cattle-tagged.