Please don’t vote: Part 2

So the other day we met the 25 year old Georgia teacher who is so glad she’s finally old enough to vote for the first time.

Today it’s the folks in Georgia’s 11th Congressional district who are upset to learn they don’t get to vote in the 6th district special election.

I shit you not.

Bartow County elections officials said Monday they had a number of phone calls and visits from voters looking to cast a ballot in the race that has generated national attention and wall-to-wall television advertising.

It was enough to prompt the county to issue a reminder via news release.

“Bartow County does not have an election scheduled for April 18, 2017,” the release says, which also includes this helpful civics lesson: “Georgia has two senators that represent the entire state, but each congressman only represents a single district of the state.”


Care to bet whether these idiots were all Democrats? Presumably none were even registered to vote, since Georgia’s voter registration card states what district you’re in. And the deadline for tomorrow’s special election was a month ago.

I’m a-thinkin’ the Republicans will win.

You know, he almost has a point there*

How can we reduce US firearm suicide rates?
Smart gun technology, such as fingerprint recognition, limits use of a gun to the owner and permitted users. Mandating that new guns use the new technology and instituting trade-in programs to replace old guns with safer ones can prevent a household’s firearms from being used for suicide by family members or others with access to the firearm.

If the Armatix iP1 is indicative of smart guns, mandating its use might reduce firearms suicide by ten to twenty percent on failures alone.

* For new readers: sarcasm.