I have my suspicions

But honestly, Hogg’s pissed off so many people that it could have been any of millions.

A hoax emergency call falsely claimed there was a hostage situation at the Florida home of gun-control activist David Hogg, leading to a search of the property this morning.
Law enforcement authorities are still trying to determine who made the swatting call on Hogg’s home.

Hogg told WSVN that whoever is behind the swatting hoax is “trying to distract people from the March For Our Lives Road to Change, which we announced yesterday.”

In fact, I think it draws more attention to it. And I find it… odd that someone supposedly tried to swat the punk at a time when it was pretty generally known that he was out of town, and wouldn’t actually be endangered. But would gain more sympathy from folks who think pro-RKBA people are mean to Hogglet.

Draw your own conclusions. But I’d like to see the call records trace myself.