Chemical Warfare

Pharmaceutical fentanyl dosages are measured in micrograms. 288 micrograms should be sufficient to make a user feel pretty good all day.

Let’s say a major illegal drug supplier wants to boost product potency by lacing his whatever with bootleg fentanyl. Our hypothetical supplier is major, so he — through a network of distributors and street dealers — has one million end users.

That calls for one million 288mcg doses. That’s 288 grams. But he wants to keep enough on hand for 30 days of operations. More than that and he has too much tied up in inventory overhead, and risks losing it in a bust. 8,640 grams; 8.64 kilos.

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“Oops” (not really)

Gee, no one saw that coming. Except, like, everyone but the Feds.

Loretta Lynch Admits That Federal Authorities Have Lost The Orlando Shooter’s Wife
As US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said today, federal authorities are going back and looking at all of the contact with Omar Mateen, as well as those around him in order find out if there is anything that was missed.

However there is one rather large problem with one key person in the investigation, it appears that Noor Salman is missing and may not even be in the state of Florida anymore. In an interview the Sun Sentinel conducted with Seddique Mateen, the shooter’s father, Seddique said that Salman was “not around here.”

Lynch said the following in response to an inaudible question: “right now I do not know exactly the answer to that, I believe she was going to travel but I do not know exactly her location now”

Consider that: A suspect in a terrorism investigation, whom they knew to be planning a trip, and they didn’t track her. I wonder if they even added her to to no-fly list, or if she’s already left the country.

No doubt she’s traveling with that mysterious $9,000 of jewelry. Which she’s keeping solely for the sentimental value, a reminder of her beloved jihadi husband, and not the whole portable wealth thing. You know, when you fly out of the country, they ask about how cash you’re taking, but not jewelry.

The Aussies apparently have an FBI equivalent*

Australian Accused of Planning to Pack Kangaroo With Bomb
Prosecutors alleged in court documents that Besim discussed with a British-based accomplice in online conversations that a kangaroo could be packed with explosives, painted with “the IS symbol” and set loose on police.

That sounds like a teenage kid joking in a chatroom. Although…


* US Gov’t Agents Involved In Almost Every Major Terror Plot Since 9/11