The Testament of James ebook now available

That’s good news. Just $5.99.
testament-of-james-front-cover-1951x2850-300dpi-205x300And there are still signed hard bound editions available. Same great story, in a high quality, fully cloth bound and foil stamped collectible package. With a nice [grin]* Matthias Stom-based dust jacket. Get yours while they last; it’s a limited printed, 650 copies total, I believe.

* I may be slightly biased, but I liked the draft Vin sent so much that I really wanted to be part of the project, even in a small way.

The Testament of James: A very generous offer

Nah, not from cheap ol’ me. From Cat (aka “The Brunette”) and Vin.


From a comment to an earlier post on The Testament of James:

It would be too bad for anyone to dismiss TToJ as a Da Vinci Code knock-off, which it’s not. And much as we’d like to SELL copies of the book, I hereby invite the first 10 readers of Bear’s blog to email me — cat (at) — for a free copy of “The Testament of James” ebook. Please specify whether you wish the MOBI (Kindle) or EPUB edition, and I’ll do my best to oblige. Then you can decide how accurate (or not) the “Da Vinci Code” comparisons are for yourself. Offer good from 1/1/15 to 1/15/15. Tell us Bear sent you.

I’m not sure I have ten regular readers. [grin]

While I also think it would be good for people to buy Vin’s book, I encourage you to accept. You can “pay” in reviews (which I already know will be positive, because TToJ is that good) and recommendations.

I’ve read Vin’s previous foray into fiction, The Black Arrow. I liked it. When I got the draft of TToJ, I think I was expecting something along similar lines, but it proved to be quite different. I confess that I, too, initially thought it was going in a Brownish direction…

…but that didn’t really seem likely. So I kept reading. Damned right it wasn’t likely. Very different direction. And you can take it on several levels: the idea can be fun. And very thought-provoking. Vin explores something that never, ever would have occurred to me, and makes it so logical that I’m going to have to add another pile of books to my reading list (Vin’s TToJ bibliography will just be the start).

But if you’re really looking forward to another action packed novel like The Black Arrow, rest assured that the different course does include swooping caped bad guys. And broken toilets.

I’ve been privileged to read a few early drafts of people’s novels. Usually I have a presumptuous suggestion or two to offer (I made some observations on a draft of L. Neil Smith’s The American Zone, for which he got even by… well, read that one, too; you’ll find Neil’s revenge on page 158 of the hardback edition.) But TToJ: I couldn’t find a single story element that needed changing/adding/deleting. And I knew that I wanted to be a (small) part of the project.

I’ll offer a small TToJ challenge. No prize beyond enjoying the book, I’m afraid. Try to spot all the…cats.

The Testament of James, Part Twoish

UPDATE: See the generous offer below in comments.

Now that Vin Suprynowicz’s new novel, The Testament of James is on sale, people are taking notice, like Tom Knapp who notes that this is something a little different.
Go buy a copy. You’ll like it. I did. Just two notes:

1. If you’re tired of libertarian screeds disguised as fiction, you’ll like it.

2. If you want to really test Vin’s adherence to the principle of nonaggression, read a couple of pages then dismiss it as, “Oh, that’s a rehash of The Da Vinci Code.” No, it isn’t. Keep reading. You’ll like it.

Disclosure: I have copy #12, for which I did not pay cash. I do, though, think I earned it, as observant folk can figure out. I receive no recompense for recommending the book, which you’ll like.