Fun With Biased Media

I have a new column up at The Zelman Partisans, regarding the anti-RKBA “gatekeepers” at our newspapers. Tribune & Georgian Publisher Jill Helton is well past doubling — even tripling — down, and is into full ‘You can’t say that’ mode.

Fun With Biased Media
Last week, a Letter to the Editor ran in a local Georgia weekly newspaper. It was the usual pro-gun control drivel, written by a but-owner who really should have known better. “But” then, so should the paper, if informing the public — rather than imposing their own bias — was their goal.

Victim disarmers have local papers (not all, thank G-d), major metropolitan papers, television, Internet sites, search engines…

And they’re still afraid to give us, armed with facts, a voice. Because an informed populace is one that would toss their “buts” out into the cold.

Read the whole thing. Long, since I include whole emails, but amusing and informative.