Someone should have watched the videos before yapping to the press

The Tulsa police shooting.

[Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby] first saw Crutcher’s tan SUV, which was parked in the middle of a two-lane roadway with the windows down. As she was peering inside the car, she turned around and saw Crutcher approaching her.

Oddly, the video shows her near the police car, not the SUV, with Crutcher between it and his SUV.


Then, Crutcher put his hands up, without receiving instructions to do so, which she thought was strange, Wood said.

The last time the cops came up on me from behind like I certainly raised my hands. Since the video appears to show her pointing her sidearm at him, I’m not surprised he raised his hands.

She believed he was reaching into the car to retrieve a weapon.

Through that “open window?”


For now, assuming no photoshopping, that does appear to show a closed window. Note the reflection, as well as the dark streak extending down the window and continuing down the door. If it can be shown that the image the family displayed has been faked, I’ll revisit my opinion. Nota bene: My image here is a crop of a video still of the displayed image; I did enhance brightness and contrast and added the colored oval. I did not other alter the image.

If I were in Oklahoma, I would now be ineligible for jury duty for any trial related to this. If the lawyer’s assertion of his client’s claims are correct, then she lied about 1) her position, 2) that Crutcher walked up on her, 3) that he raised his hands for no reason, 4) that the window was open, and 5) that he reached into the “open” window.

Viewing the videos show no rational reason to shoot the man. Five statements directly contradicted by the videos, suggest…

Well, I’ll let you decided what the combination of shooting and lying about it suggests.