Stop Pelosi? What difference does it make?

I received an email from Gunowners of America.

If Nancy Pelosi wins the midterm elections, the rabid anti-gunner mob you’ve seen marching on TV will seize control of the people’s House.

Pelosi’s home state of California has already called for a tax on gun ownership (at a time when Democrats have demanded tax hikes). A former Supreme Court Justice has even called for a repeal of the Second Amendment.

Here’s the worst part: Anti-gun Democrats have a SIX-point lead on the generic ballot. It’s time to rally the patriots of the Silent Majority.

Will you pledge to keep the House of Representatives out of the hands of Nancy Pelosi?

As opposed to anti-gun Republicans? Here’s the real problem. Democrats are anti-RKBA for obvious reasons. But so are the Republicans.

For the Republicans, the excuse is always “law and order,” and public safety. Officer safety. Looking like they “care.”

Like it or not, the NRA is the “face” of gun owners. And the NRA makes big money from pretending to be pro-RKBA to raise money to “fight for your rights.” That means they need gun control to maintain the cash flow.

And Republicans need the NRA to tell them this or that bill is fine, or that one should be killed. To put the “gun owner” imprimatur on their own victim disarmament schemes. Thus, we have the NRA writing city level “assault weapon” bans that then pass (D: ‘Assault weapons are terrible!’ R: ‘Lawn order! Police safety! No one hunts with those.’), and the NRA sends out fundraising flyers to “fight” that ban. After state level activist finally get a constitutional carry bill ready to pass and be signed, the NRA send in a rep for the first time in a decade to tell reluctantly supporting Republicans that it should pass; assured of “gun owner” support from the NRA face, they kill it. Then there’s Fix NICS, ERPOs, bump-fire, more “assault weapon” bans… What does it tell you when Republicans call for bans, duplicating Democrat efforts?

And what have those great Republicans done with national reciprocal carry again?


Politically aware gun owners are tired of voting Republican only to get the “compromise”-lubricated shaft. Yet-a-fricking-gain. “Compromise” that never seems to give us anything but a promise to not take everything yet. “Bend over and we’ll compromise on just two inches. For now.”

Now add in Obamacare never going away despite R control of the House, Senate, and the White House. Wait… and FOSTA-SESTA attacks on free speech.

We no longer see the point of bothering to vote for backstabbing Republicans. We can’t tell them from the Democrats without a letter after their name.

I can vote for a “pro-gun” Republican, then spend all my time watching for him to stab me in the back over RKBA issues, and constantly call and write letters in an attempt — increasingly futile — to stop him.

Or I can vote for a Democrat who will screw me, too. At least I won’t have to waste time watching my backside for Republicans who want to hold me down for the Democrats.

Yes, the Republicans may lose the House to the Democrats. Anti-human/civil rights Pelosi might even become Speaker again (though that’s looking less likely lately).

But as far as I can tell — based on the alternating offensive actions and submissive inaction of the Republicans — it won’t make a difference to my rights, that both wings of the Boot On Your Neck Party want to sacrifice on the altar of power.

You want me to vote for a pro-RKBA Republican? Ain’t gonna happen. If you know of one running, tell him to drop the R, and run as an independent. If he’s acceptable on other issues, I’ll vote for him even if I have to write him in.

It’s too late for the GOP. Republican affiliation is a warning that he is just as dangerous as any rabid Democrat.