Meat is murder

But apparently murder isn’t. So it’s OK so long as you don’t eat what you kill?

And clearly we need to ban that terrorist organization, the NRA… um, PETA.

So we have a person, who appears to this layman to have been a paranoid schizophrenic, of Middle Eastern descent…

…whom the mainstream media is spinning as “white,” when in any other context she’d be “brown” and oppressed…

…and she’d been reported — by her own family who seem to have understood she was bugfuck nuts — to the cops as being angry at YouTube and apparently on her way to its headquarters to do bad things, and the cops just said, “Nah, she’s cool.”

And I’m wondering about how she had a pistol. The only thing I’ve seen about that is the police saying she doesn’t appear to have obtained it illegally.

Appear? This is California. Owner licensing. Firearms registration. Universal background checks. If she had it lawfully (under Cal’s unconstitutional laws), they would have a solid record of it. So why “appear”?

And in related news, I wonder if Mr. “Didn’t have a gun … Wish I did” is still employed by YouTube this morning.

Must have been a revolver

The YouTube HQ shooting apparently started around 12:46 PM (3:46 EDT), so it’s been more than two hours. By this time we’ve usually heard how the shooter had a full semiautomatic AR-15 “assault rifle” ghost gun loaded with bullet-piercing ghost bullets in 30 caliber Massacre Machine Gun Magazine clips, probably with a bump stock and a multi-burst trigger activator. You know, your typical “Mass-Shooting Gun.”


Seriously. I’ve seen nothing about the weapon. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, That’s pretty damned unusual

I’m guessing an old 5-shot .38 revolver.

Earlier reports did say the shooter was white, but that seems to have fallen out of the narrative. And no one seems curious about the dark top and head scarf.

Her motive may never be known.

Active Shooter at YouTube HQ?

But they banned nasty, evil gun stuff!

Possible active shooter at YouTube in San Bruno
KRON4 is hearing reports of an active shooter at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno.

The City Manager tells KRON4 they’ve received multiple 9-1-1 calls from YouTube, however, they did not disclose the reasons why.

YouTube video, or it didn’t happen.