Fuck WordPress

I have officially given up on WordPress. It is FUCKED.

Despite much criticism by objectors, I discovered this morning that WordPress has forced me to its “Block Editor.” This editor is designed for clickbaiters who simply lift content from other sites. To get anything that vaguely resembles the text-style editing that I have been using on assorted platforms for twenty-five fucking years, I have to dig through the menus, and that only gets me a crippled version.

As best I can tell, the only way to post my OWN images (as opposed to stealing them from somewhere else and pasting them into a “block,” I have to use the block editor Nope; even with the block editor I don’t see how to upload my own images. Ah, there it is; I think.

Fuck this shit. I blogged for fun and personal rants. This isn’t worth it.

Someday, if I can ever afford it again, I’ll get my own host and blog as *I* want. I’ll keep a backup of this blogged in hopes of using the material again.

I’ll leave this blog up for a while. If you think you might want a copy of any of my books, or the Practical Remedial Civics series, grab them now. Because unless WordPress apologizes for this utter goddamned crap, and restores the old usable-by-someone-not-a-claickbaiting-content-thief, I’m going to delete the blog completely.

Have a nice day.

Added: Jesus Effing Kee-rist. Even “publishing” the post is a PITA.

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3 thoughts on “Fuck WordPress

  1. Kevin Wilmeth October 2, 2020 / 3:14 pm

    Sorry to hear of your aggravations here. (Don’t much comment anywhere any more, but I’ve been an appreciative lurker for a while.)

    I’m not truly a fan of the whole block-style editing concept either, but it sure seems the whole industry is going that way. (In my work I have cause to interface with Sharepoint, Google Sites, etc., and it all seems to be cut from the same cloth.) So when it came time for me to get Rifleman Savant and Craftygrass onto WordPress, I could see the writing on the wall and decided to see if I could learn the -fu of this style, if just to make it easier to focus on content rather than layout.

    Still don’t exactly like it, and I still disagree with the mentality that I see behind it all (which isn’t quite the same as your stated take here), but I’ve come to live with it. Still, technology aside, having the choice removed post facto is always irritating.

    Your comment about images, specifically, puzzles me a bit. I find image management clunky in WordPress, but don’t seem to have a problem with using and managing my own image uploads…and in doing a bit of that recently for the reboot of Rifleman Savant, I did find that some of the extended “gallery” blocks for images (once uploaded into the media manager) were kinda nice for what I was doing (example here, and the fact that the blocks themselves are at least partly extensible struck me as something worth thinking about. Is the upload link not available in the basic image block for you? (FWIW I use Safari, Chrome, and Firefox pretty interchangeably for my edits.)

    I suspect I’m of a similar generation as you seem to be, and have done custom app and web development off and on since the early ’90s; I’ve got my own preferences about architecture and design control as a result–and yours sound at least familiar. I’m still not accustomed to this increasing expectation of doing potentially complex things with a turnkey toolset, but like you I’m here as a personal outlet, and want to keep my focus on content.

    If you do find something better, I guess I’d sure be interested to hear it. 🙂


    • Bear October 2, 2020 / 3:53 pm

      I could work my way through it, but block really isn’t good for my work style. I draft my posts in manual HTML in xed text editor.

      Turns out the classic editor is still there, as I discovered in comments at Zendo Deb’s blog. But you have to get to it by by going to Dashboard=>Posts=>Add New=>pulldown menu=>Classic Editor

      Once there, you can bookmark the “?classic-editor” URL and — apparently for now anyway — go straight to it without chasing through the menu again. Example:


      I started with computers back in the ’70’s, COBOL and BASIC. But I didn’t build my first web site until about ’95. And didn’t go to CMS until about five years ago. I’m a computer dinosaur. (Hey, I’ve used paper tape, punch cards, 8″ floppies… My first personal computer came with 16K of RAM (which I upgraded to a whopping 32K later). Now I’m looking at a 128GB Micro SD.)


  2. Zendo Deb October 5, 2020 / 9:55 am

    See the info at this link. Though I can’t claim responsibility. It does get you close to what we had before…


    And I am looking into a couple of things, including going back to the dreaded Google version of Blogger/Blogspot. And also Joomla and a few other choices.

    WP is something like 35 or 40 percent of the internet, so they are arrogant. Joomla is more like 5 or 10 percent, so not so much.


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