Never mind hereditary deafness

Can we cure congenital stupidity?

Gene Therapy: A Threat to the Deaf Community?
Members of the signing Deaf community argue that research which aims to eliminate or cure deafness is a form of cultural genocide. The argument goes like this: the use of gene therapy to cure hereditary deafness would result in smaller numbers of deaf children. This, in turn, would reduce the critical mass of signing Deaf people needed for a flourishing community, ultimately resulting in the demise of the community.

I suspect some of these idiots are less concerned with preserving their alleged “community” than with preserving their Social Security disability checks.

Added: Well… Let me be fair. Burke is probably highly reliant upon a “deaf community.” She likely needs a captive signing audience because no one else will put up with her.

I guess Ash Wednesday is supposed to be a time of reflection*

Glitter for Ash Wednesday?
It wasn’t your typical forehead cross on Ash Wednesday, to promote inclusion of LGBT Christians, New York group Parity asked churches to use purple glitter during Ash Wednesday services. The group says the glitter symbolizes a “sign of our hope, which does not despair.”

I’d show this to my father, but I’m afraid he have a heart attack.

* Line shamelessly stolen from my sister.

A call for some pagan discussion

About this*:

Mass Spell to Bind Donald Trump Feb. 24th
RITUAL (v. 2.1):

(Light white candle)
“Hear me, oh spirits
Of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air
Heavenly hosts
Demons of the infernal realms
And spirits of the ancestors
(Light inscribed orange candle stub)
I call upon you
To bind
Donald J. Trump
So that he may fail utterly

That he may do no harm
To any human soul
Nor any tree
or Sea
Bind him so that he shall not break our polity
Usurp our liberty
Or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair
And bind, too,
All those who enable his wickedness
And those whose mouths speak his poisonous lies
I beseech thee, spirits, bind all of them
As with chains of iron
Bind their malicious tongues
Strike down their towers of vanity
(Invert Tower tarot card)
I beseech thee in my name
(Say your full name)
In the name of all who walk
Crawl, swim, or fly
Of all the trees, the forests,
Streams, deserts,
Rivers and seas
In the name of Justice
And Liberty
And Love
And Equality
And Peace
Bind them in chains
Bind their tongues
Bind their works
Bind their wickedness.”

Most of what little I know of pagan magic is generic Wicca. But it seems to me that a spell specifically invoked to make a person “fail utterly” is a curse. That’s considerably more than something like prevent him from doing harm.

This person even says “In other words, this is not the equivalent of magically punching a Nazi; rather, it is ripping the bullhorn from his hands, smashing his phone so he can’t tweet, tying him up, and throwing him in a dark basement where he can’t hurt anyone.”

Theft, destruction of property, assault, and kidnapping are harm. And this isn’t directed against Trump alone; it targets anyone who supports Trump. That would roughly 50-55% pf the country according to some recent polls.

Anyone planning to participate? Why? Would any Wiccans weigh in on whether (and why) this is harmful or not? Is this a “binding” or “curse”? Where is the line between them?

In mundane terms, if I have a hateful neighbor who speaks outlandishly about doing lawful acts, some of which might adversely impact me, I cannot pull a gun and force him to shut up. I can’t steal and smash his property, kidnap him, and hold him in my basement, just in case.

But… If said neighbor kicked in my front door, waved a gun, and announced his imminent intent to injure/kill and rob me, I would be justified in exercising self-defense to stop him and even hold him for the police to haul off.

Note the differences in the scenarios: Lawful vs. unlawful acts, speech vs. acts, the freakin’ imminent threat vs. fears that something might not be what I like.

OK, pagans; speak up.

* I don’t see who is behind this. It could be real, or it could be someone trolling pagans. Anyone know?

I’ve just gotta hear the back story on this one

Yo, Miller; the ’70s called. Some pimp wants his car back.

Catholic bishop attacked on altar during Mass for baseball Hall of Famer
A Catholic bishop in New Jersey was slightly injured during a memorial Mass for a revered Hall of Fame baseball player when a crazed man in a white robe walked up to the altar and punched him in the mouth.
Officers with the Essex County Sheriff’s Office rushed the altar and handcuffed the attacker, who may have showed up for the Mass at Newark’s Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in a classic purple Cadillac Eldorado with a faux-zebra skin interior, the website reported.

Where does one get a purple Caddy with zebra-skin interior?

How do you even do that?

Wanted felon loaded BB gun with live ammunition
During a search of Amen’s backpack police found a replica gun, a BB gun, loaded with live .380 ammunition. Amen told police he thought the BB gun was real and he would shoot the police or others if he felt threatened, according to Cpl. Liz Harris.

Seriously. A “BB gun” fires a .177″ (BB in shot size parlance). Even if they meant an airsoft pellet gun, that’s 6mm (@ .24″). A .22 caliber pellet gun is… .22″.

How do you get a .355″ .380 ACP bullet into the chamber, much less the .373″ case?