Outa Here: I Have A New Blog Location

As noted previously, WordPress is mucking with users. Specifically, a “block editor” that annoys most users. It turns out that you can actually get to the old “classic editor,” but to do so requires playing around with several recursive menu layers. They didn’t bother telling users this prior to implementing the block crap; and all my earlier working shortcuts are screwed. So I’m abandoning wordpress.com, lest their next bright idea further fuck with me.

But I will still be blogging. You can find me at:

Bear Bussjaeger 

I’ll still be using the WP CMS there (to eliminate the learning curve for a different CMS), but I’m using a legacy install, pre-block.

Folks have pointed out that some of my posts here have been extensively linked by third parties. If I delete this blog, all that is lost. So I’ll leave it abandoned in place.

For now. After my last exchange with the unprofessionally condescending “Happiness Engineers” of Automattic, they just might delete the blog themselves.

Fuck WordPress

I have officially given up on WordPress. It is FUCKED.

Despite much criticism by objectors, I discovered this morning that WordPress has forced me to its “Block Editor.” This editor is designed for clickbaiters who simply lift content from other sites. To get anything that vaguely resembles the text-style editing that I have been using on assorted platforms for twenty-five fucking years, I have to dig through the menus, and that only gets me a crippled version.

As best I can tell, the only way to post my OWN images (as opposed to stealing them from somewhere else and pasting them into a “block,” I have to use the block editor Nope; even with the block editor I don’t see how to upload my own images. Ah, there it is; I think.

Fuck this shit. I blogged for fun and personal rants. This isn’t worth it.

Someday, if I can ever afford it again, I’ll get my own host and blog as *I* want. I’ll keep a backup of this blogged in hopes of using the material again.

I’ll leave this blog up for a while. If you think you might want a copy of any of my books, or the Practical Remedial Civics series, grab them now. Because unless WordPress apologizes for this utter goddamned crap, and restores the old usable-by-someone-not-a-claickbaiting-content-thief, I’m going to delete the blog completely.

Have a nice day.

Added: Jesus Effing Kee-rist. Even “publishing” the post is a PITA.

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Welcome To The Future

It’s 2020. Some of my favorite science fiction stories were cast in the ultramodern, high-tech future of…

…before now.

Centuries ago, when people had to make it to the polls on foot or by horse, and mark a paper ballot, we had election day. As I recall, polling districts in Georgia were determined by the distance a voter could travel on horseback in one day. In the mid-19th century, fast mail was by horseback relay. Then the Morse-coded telegraph came into play.

Fast forward to the 21st century. A worldwide computer network providing effectively instantaneous text, voice, and video communications. Mail transported by jet-powered aircraft and high-speed, motorized suface transport. Companies routinely offer overnight delivery of your purchases. By drone. Instant gratification. Anyone else here old enough to remember when mail order ads used to say, “Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery”?

Voting went from marks on paper, to lever-operated adding machines, to computer scanned sheets, to touch-screen networked computer for real-time, instant results.

The future, the country is…


Colorado Secretary of State Wants Media Not to Report Results on Election Night
Our democracy cannot be held hostage to a ratings race. If you care about our democracy, you will protect it. Full Stop. We are in the middle of a pandemic and the President of the United States has telegraphed that he may claim victory on election night, even when millions of ballots will not have been counted. Indisputable facts: 1. This is no normal election. A record number of Americans will be voting by mail. 2. Election “night” will be dramatically different than ever before.

We need an UNPRECEDENTED plan from the media for how they will cover an unprecedented election. That is why I am calling on national media networks to pledge to #PressPause for democracy and: 1. Make NO projections on election night 2. Announce NO election results on election night. In the coming days, I will ask election administrators, voting rights organizations, media ethicists, corporations, religious leaders, and all concerned Americans to stand with me in demanding media executives #PressPause for democracy.

In much of the country, ballots started going out last month (including Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s Colorado). Mail-in voting started already. We have early voting. We have in-person election “day” voting. Reprotibng results by telephones and computers operating at light speed.

And this fucking idiot still can’t count ballots on time.

Voting started last month, and is slated — thanks to fed judges enabling election fraud — to last until at least mid-November. Guesstimating by the 2000 fiasco, votes will still be counted, recounted, disputed, and set by judicial decree in late December or early January.

Election day? In utramodern, high-tech, super-connected 21st century, we’re reduced to election quarter.

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Finally, A Correct Headline

I’ve been seeing articles about the feds providing 100+ million “Covid-19” tests. Problem is, it ain’t. The Washington Examiner actually gets it right.

Trump announces distribution of 150M rapid coronavirus tests
President Trump announced on Monday that his administration will distribute 150 million Abbott coronavirus tests that produce results in just 15 minutes.

The Abbot “rapid antigen test” will pop positive for ChinCOVID, and for several other coronaviruses. It detects protein configurations from the virus protein coat. While the internal RNA is pretty specific, the protein coat configuration can be shared by a lot of strains.

If you pop positive on this RAT, you might have ChinCOVID. Or you might not; you might have the common cold. By itself, a positive RAT only means you’re infected with something, and you need a PCR RNA test to confirm whether it is ChinCOVID.

Sadly, some states are using RATs to formally “diagnose” ChinCOVID, stupidly driving up their “ChinCOVID” numbers with “cases” that aren’t. A RAT is for screening, not for diagnosis.

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Is he kidding?

Keeping a Lid on Things: Here’s How Many Times Joe Has Called It a Day Before 10 AM.
How can Joe ‘build back better’ if he’s asleep at the wheel all the time or simply just cannot handle the work hours required to run the country?

I doubt that very many people think they’re really voting for Dementia Boy. He’s a placeholder on the ballot for the DNC. Everyone but the terminally clueless knows it. Harris has said it would be a “Harris administration,” and Biden would be part of it. Biden has said it would be a “Harris administration.” It’s one of the few things they say that you can believe.

The only real question arises if “Biden” is actually elected:

Will they 25A him, or keep him propped up as President Potemkin?

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The Last Age of Mankind

I was a fan of Babylon 5, the old SF television series about the “dawn of the third age.” Sorry, Joe; ain’t gonna happen.

This age we’re living in…

We have a presidential candidate who can’t remember that he was a vice president, nor what office he’s currently running for. He likely won’t remember his name by election day; he already thinks he’ll be part of the Harris administration.

His main opponent is the guy who has done more damage to the Second Amendment than any Dem since Billy Jeff Clinton, but is running as the pro-2A candidate. People believe him.

We have “fiery, but mostly peaceful” riots pretty much every night now.

Yes, the media calls fire-bombing, bombing, shooting, assault, destruction, and looting peaceful free speech. Objecting to that is violence.

Oops, the rioters peaceful protestors say that isn’t looting, it’s reparations. Except when they say the looters reparations redistributionists aren’t them.

On the rare occasions that the media looks at their own screens and notices BLMers chanting “Black lives matter” and Black Bloc Antifa just… screaming as they destroy a city, said media declares those are really white nationalist trying to make the Marxists look bad.

With video and a Criminal Complaint outlining how a crazed mob chased down a kid and beat him, trying to kill him, the prosecutor charges the kid with murder.

We have a “pandemic” the experts would have us believe is going to kill us all unless we emulate Lucas’ THX-1138 for the rest of our lives. I personally know one person in the entire world who actually had ChinCOVID. That person had a really bad cold and survived.

Let’s talk about ChinCOVID: It’s killed over 200,000 people in the US… once you include all the gun shot, alcohol, poisoning, motorcycle crash, and surgical complication victims. Of course, of the 200K, 94% were folks who had, might have had, or could have had COVID but actually died died of an average of 2.6 lethal co-morbidities. Last time I could find the numbers, the US monthly death number (all causes) was down from last year. But panic. I especially liked the part where the governor of the state that killed several times as many people with COVID came down here to tell us to wear masks… as he didn’t wear a mask. Have you noticed how these folks keep taking off their masks when they step up to the podium to tell us to put them on? Of course, all that came after they told to not wear masks because they don’t work. But… science. Both times.

And there’s a Senate bill that would make it a felony to mention that ChinCOVID came from China. That’s why I started using the term “ChinCOVID.”

Pro sports can’t figure out why ratings and revenues are crashing and burning. It’s a puzzler since they did their damnedest to demonize their prime market.

The food industry is purging marketing materials of Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, The Indian Maid, and anything else not white, to show their support of non-white minorities. No word on whether Nike will purge all the black athletes they use in ads (say, don’t they still use slave labor in China?).

People think nothing of livestreaming their own mental breakdowns — screaming, shaking, babbling incoherently — as they drive down the street because the prez might dare to nominate a new SCOTUS justice… as the fucking Constitution says he has to .

California can’t keep the electricity flowing (which, given PG&E’s line maintenance, probably keeps them from starting more wildfires), but is going to make people drive electric cars.

Oh, and Candidate “What’s my name again”? His puppeteers are running on a platform of emulating California and doubling down, along with disarming the nation so we can’t raise objections.

Cities and states are mass releasing inmates and arrestees, encouraging riots fiery but peacefully violent protests, and defunding the police. NYC’s de Blasio doesn’t understand why crime is skyrocketing there; must have something to do with the Second Amendment.

Mathematics is a false, white patriarchy concept, and engineering programs are shifting to inclusive social justice instruction. Think about that when your phone stops working or the wings fall off your plane.

Schools are suspending kids — even sending the cops out — for having toys in their homes, because with streaming video instructiondoctrination, homes are school property now.

Sex has nothing to do with allosomes, genetics.

California (always good for Apocalyptic stupidity) is decriminalizing pedophilia, because it’s not fair to penalize same-sex assailants differently than those who assault children of the opposite sex.

Meanwhile, it’s homophobic to claim that LGBTQKW&JDRKEDN&JKMDM_WTFwhateverthehell might want to have sex with children. If some don’t, why does Cal need to decriminalize something that never happens?

Black multimillionaire celebrities can lecture me about my white privilege, which includes an income that wouldn’t requiring filing a tax return except that I’m self-employed and have to file quarterly regardless.

Folks with government-supplied iPhones costing upwards of a grand can use them to post rants about my privilege, too. It isn’t really feasible to reply to them with my five year-old, pay as you go flip-phone. War is peace. Violence is speech. Poverty is privilege.

Colleges are dropping ACT/SAT test scores in favor of skin color, because scores are racist. I’m sure they’ll be admitting those folks to engineering programs.

Oh, yeah. That kid charged with murder for not letting the peaceful mob murder him? Illinois cops say they arrested him on a fugitive from justice warrant, for fleeing charges that weren’t filed until the day after he was arrested. And that was after he attempted to surrender to the Kenosha Keystone Kops and they told him to go away. Go figure. He should have surrendered in Chicago, where they’d just turn him loose anyway.

Social Justice Theory — in other words, paranoid schizophrenia — has become national policy for a nuclear-armed country. That should work out well…

Given that the prez candidate who threatened to nuke America is likely to be Harris Biden’s “gun control” czar.

That’s a very brief sampling of the US. Check the international headlines and no one else is much better. A lot are worse. The US is fucked, and given the irrational international reliance on the Dollar, when we go, they go.

The dawn of the third age? We’re at the dusk of the last.

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