Door Kickers*

Gun bans? 2nd Amendment repeal? All the rest?

Do you really want to kick in millions of doors because it’s possible someone might be well-armed?

When you don’t how many of what guns maybe they’ve got?

Because some idiot couldn’t be bothered to report a crazy prohibited person to NICS?

How much money do you think you’ll need to pay enough people to conduct warrantless raids in fear of tens of millions of well-armed residents?

I’d say, “Good luck with that,” but good luck isn’t what I’d be wishing for jackbooted stormtroopers.

* I’ve explained all this in rather carefully sourced detail elsewhere. This is for Attention Deficit Disorder “journalists” and snowflakes who have trouble with anything beyond 30 second sound bites.


Valentine’s Day Massacre

On February 14, 2018 something didn’t happen.

  • Fifty-five to one-hundred-twenty million gun owners did not commit mass murder.
  • Laws forbidding weapons in school did not work.
  • Laws forbidding the unlicensed carry of firearms did not work.
  • A background check did not prevent deaths.
  • School security did not save all the students.

Prior to that, more did not happen.

  • Since at least 2012, police did not arrest a disturbed person for multiple acts of violence, threats, harassment, peeping, and weapons violations.
  • Police did not Baker Act a “weird” “psycho,” making him a prohibited person unable to lawfully purchase a gun.
  • A school did not press criminal charges against a person who broke multiple laws against weapons, destruction of property, and assault.

“Authorities” did not do the jobs they are drawing taxpayer money to do.

So to you celebrity hookers, Z-list actors, Dimwit pols, Repugnant surrender monkeys, lying media, and the rest of the gun people controlling victim disarmers:


Stop blaming the fifty-five to one-hundred-twenty million gun owners who did not commit mass murder. Stop screeching for laws that infringe the human/civil rights of the innocent. Stop screeching for preemptively-prove-your-innocence prior restraint of constitutionally guaranteed rights, registration, and licensing with which the Supreme Court says criminals do not have to comply (look it up, dumbasses).


You want to blame someone for the Parkland dead? Try the school administrators and police who looked away. Don’t blame me or the other fifty-five to one-hundred-twenty million who did not do it, and who have proposed solutions.

Solutions that do not involve assuming the innocent are guilty, and criminals will obey laws.

Solutions that do not violate rights.

Solutions that would work.

Solutions that do not involve:

  • trying to figure out how many gun owners there are in that 55-120 million range.
  • trying to figure out who they are
  • trying to figure out where they are
  • trying to figure out how many guns there are, out of estimates ranging from 265 million to three-quarters of a billion
  • trying to figure out where the guns are
  • trying to figure out where to find the money to hire enough SWAT teams to kick in 125 million doors looking for guns
  • trying to figure out where to find the money to buy enough firepower and body armor to make the attempt marginally survivable
  • trying to figure out where to find the money to to buy caskets when it wasn’t enough

Perhaps the mouthy Kardashian Klan, Schumer(s), Feinstein, Grassley, Shannon Twatts, Bloomberg, et al will don jackboots and volunteer to kick doors for free. If not,


Permission granted to repost, republish, or broadcast this unchanged with author’s credit and link.

[UPDATED] Oopsie, someone has a little explaining to do

…to the ATF., the Atlanta Urinal-Constipation just published a story claiming a reporter built an assault rifle.

I helpfully emailed authorized urinalist, Ken Foskett to explain that if that’s true, someone is going to prison.

Interestingly, it took some searching to find Foskett’s email address. AJC killed the link to the reporter staff directory. I guess they got tired of getting negative feedback from people who know they’re full of shit. Fortunately, they left the actual directory online; you should bookmark it.

Nice try, Foskett.

Yeah, you edited the article from this

to this

but you forgot to change the graphic.

Q-tip Control Now!

Just a little comparison. And you thought swimming pools were dangerous.

Cotton tip applicators are sending 34 kids to the emergency department each day
While cotton tip applicators can be used for household cleaning, crafts and applying cosmetics, they are unfortunately also causing injuries to children. A study conducted by Nationwide Children’s Hospital researchers found that over a 21-year period from 1990 through 2010, an estimated 263,000 children younger than 18 years of age were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments for cotton tip applicator related ear injuries – that’s about 12,500 annually, or about 34 injuries every day.


Licensing, registration, training in the proper use of cotton swabs…

Obama’s “smart” gun initiative: Fuck you, Barry

Barrycade’s final proposal (PDF) for “smart” gun development is out.

On the bright side, he wants to start testing on cops, so this shit ain’t hitting the streets.

And shit it is. It breaks down to three basic elements:

  • User Authorization. Standard “smart” gun allowing only the right people to use the gun. These idiots actually think the Armatix iP1 is a mature, effective technology.
  • Tracking. Yeah, they want to Lojack your gun, so it can be located remotely if “stolen.” Or if some cop on night shift gets bored. Or if a fed/state fusion center decides you’re a bad person.
  • Telemetry. Did you draw your gun from the holster? Your gun will file a real-time report. Shoot? It’ll tattle that, too, and how many times.

They have allowed that this stuff is hard to do. It seems the feds have pumped over $12 million dollars into smart gun development over twenty years, and no one was able to deliver acceptable prototypes.

They don’t address the difficulty of retrofitting the electronics into 320-750 million existing guns, held mostly by people with a distinct lack of interest in the being cattle-tagged.