There’s no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”?

You know the drill.

Funny how guns get to be “illegal.”

Right, Bloomberg?

As of today, I will respond to any whining about “illegal guns” with a call for amnesty and legalization, with no registration.


Q-tip Control Now!

Just a little comparison. And you thought swimming pools were dangerous.

Cotton tip applicators are sending 34 kids to the emergency department each day
While cotton tip applicators can be used for household cleaning, crafts and applying cosmetics, they are unfortunately also causing injuries to children. A study conducted by Nationwide Children’s Hospital researchers found that over a 21-year period from 1990 through 2010, an estimated 263,000 children younger than 18 years of age were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments for cotton tip applicator related ear injuries – that’s about 12,500 annually, or about 34 injuries every day.


Licensing, registration, training in the proper use of cotton swabs…

Obama’s “smart” gun initiative: Fuck you, Barry

Barrycade’s final proposal (PDF) for “smart” gun development is out.

On the bright side, he wants to start testing on cops, so this shit ain’t hitting the streets.

And shit it is. It breaks down to three basic elements:

  • User Authorization. Standard “smart” gun allowing only the right people to use the gun. These idiots actually think the Armatix iP1 is a mature, effective technology.
  • Tracking. Yeah, they want to Lojack your gun, so it can be located remotely if “stolen.” Or if some cop on night shift gets bored. Or if a fed/state fusion center decides you’re a bad person.
  • Telemetry. Did you draw your gun from the holster? Your gun will file a real-time report. Shoot? It’ll tattle that, too, and how many times.

They have allowed that this stuff is hard to do. It seems the feds have pumped over $12 million dollars into smart gun development over twenty years, and no one was able to deliver acceptable prototypes.

They don’t address the difficulty of retrofitting the electronics into 320-750 million existing guns, held mostly by people with a distinct lack of interest in the being cattle-tagged.