Well, now.

That’s an interesting tidbit I hadn’t caught before.

‘Gag’ order: FBI confirms special secrecy agreements for agents in Clinton email probe
“The purpose of this form is to maintain an official record of persons knowledgeable of a highly sensitive Federal Bureau of Investigation counterintelligence investigation.”

Of course, we always knew it wasn’t a mere “security review.” Criminal investigation was well established.

But counterintelligence…

And they’re still going to give her classified briefings as a prez candidate.


ACLU lawyers blame ‘Christian right,’ GOP for Orlando terrorist attack
Christian conservatives are responsible for the mass shooting at a gay bar in Orlando because they “created this anti-queer climate,” according to American Civil Liberties Union attorneys.

They ACLU has officially jumped the shark. A Democrat, a homophobic Muslim asshole — you know, the folks whose Koran calls for killing gays — kills and wounds over a hundred people…

And the ACLU’s lawyers think it’s the fault of Christian conservatives.

Hint: A Christian didn’t do it.

Hint 2: It wasn’t a GOPer or real conservative.

Hint 3: A registered Democrat, who happens to be Muslim and whose father happens to be a supporter of the Taliban did it.

Christians may disapprove of gays, but tend to believe that they should hate the sin and love the sinner.* Muslims who take al-Tirmidhi, Sunan 1:152 seriously think gays should be killed. Connect the dots.

Reminds me of the Massholes who blame Taxachusetts’ crime on the availability of guns in New Hampshire. Any time I asked why those readily available guns didn’t cause crime in New Hampshire


* Even the much-despised-by-everyone-else Westboro Baptist Church Family isn’t noted for deadly attacks on gay night clubs.

Some need more protection than others

The story is about the feds wanting to forcibly medicate a guy for trial. But I found the background material of most interest.

Forcing Competency With Big Drug Doses a No-Go
Nna Alpha Onuoha made the threats in September 2013, shortly after resigning from his job at the airport as a TSA screener. According to the Circuit’s opinion, he called airport authorities with instructions to evacuate the airport because he was going to “deliver a message” to the United States and the world.

Authorities did not evacuate the airport, but they did evacuate TSA headquarters. (emphasis added-cb)

TSA: Failing in every possible way since 2001.

300…?! WTF?

I hope that’s a typo. 30mm cannon in the hands of those lunatics is bad enough.

The EPA disclosed spending includes tens of millions of dollars in checkbook spending on “guns up up to 300MM,” “ammunition up to 300MM,” “body armor,” “camouflage and deceptive equipment,” “unmanned aircraft,” “amphibious assault ships,” “radar,” “night vision,” joint “Homeland Security” projects, and much more –

Added: Apparently not a typo. From page 13 of the report:

$1.4 million was spent on “guns up to 30MM,” $9,907 on
“guns over 300MM,”

The wrong question

Update: My first analysis was based on excerpts from the judges order published in the media. I’ve now read the whole order. And it’s worse than I thought. See edits below.

In response to the federal judge’s order that Apple create code to disable the countdown timer on iPhone’s password input routine (thus, allowing the FBI to mount a brute force attack without fear of the security routine wiping everything), people have asked — in a properly sarcastic manner — “What could possibly go wrong?”

They should be asking, “What could possibly go right?”

In case you haven’t kept up, if one enters the wrong password into an iPhone too many times, it assumes the phone is in the wrong hands and self-wipes. The FBI has a phone that belong to one of the shall-not-be-named San Bernardino terrorists, but the password is set.

Enter an idiot judge. The Honorable Dumber N. Boxofrox ordered Apple to develop new code to disable the countdown feature, and to tailor it to work only on the single terrorist’s phone by hard coding it to only work with a couple of identification strings associated with that phone, and install it there. Sounds nice, right? Limited scope.

Correction: The ordered change to disable countdown (and eliminate delays in entering password attempts) is not limited to the terrorist’s iPhone. In addition to the new “FBiOS,” Apple is required to provide a separate data recovery/backup/”Software Image File” application to copy everything in flash memory. That application is the only thing required to work only on the single instrument.

Now let me explain what would really happen. Apple would basically be writing a new variant of the operating system. They would install it (as an update) to the phone in the FBI’s custody. FBI eventually unlocks phone, images everything on the phone.


That is inevitably going to include the operating system, which means the FBI would now be in possession of the security-bypassing OS. They could turn it over to hackers to decompile the code, then scan for the two hard-coded ID strings. At this point, they could either type in two new strings for whatever other iPhone they might have laying around in an unrelated case, or change the code to not require the IDs at all. A brand new electronic forensic tool, provided free of charge by Apple.

Correction: No need to reverse engineer anything. Plus, the FBiOS must allow the Feds to enter passwords via WiFi or Bluetooth; i.e.- remotely, just as the FBiOS would be uploaded remotely. Once they have the OS in hand, the FBI can do it to anyone without even the need to reverse engineer the FBiOS. They’re demanding a turnkey mass covert surveillance tool from Apple.

But the Feds would never steal some company’s code, would they? Or go sneaking around spying without a warrant. And it would never occur to them to use a variant of a Stingray to generally access other phones and surreptitiously upload their little bit of malware.

Hell, you know they would. Personally, I suspect that’s exactly what they want. Since the terrorists were savvy enough to kill their data trail by disappearing their computer hard drive, I doubt they left anything useful on the iPhone. At most contacts, which the FBI can already get by subpoenaing their billing records from the phone company.

So let’s assume for the sake of discussion that they do this. We’ll even give the Feebs enough credit to say they don’t get hacked by another 16yo kid who steals data from them… you know, like new OS code.

But in this hypothetical scenario, they’ve released the code into the wild. Into iPhones whose security has been crippled by definition. Don’t lose your phone or get it stolen Correction: With remote access, no one has to physically steal your iPhone; whoever ends up with it can get any data…just as easily as the Feds. Or install malware (keystroke loggers, audiovisual bugs, GPS tracking, etc.) on it and return the iPhone they “found.”

I suspect jealous spouses and significant others would be a ready market, as well.

And recall that Apple programmers say that what the Feds are demanding would work on newer iPhones, too; not just the older generation terrorist’s smartphone, of which there are probably millions in use anyway.

What with people jailbreaking phones anyway, it would only be a matter of time before some hacker generated his own malOS. For that matter, maybe the FBI should hire that 16yo to hack that phone for them.

Oh. Wait. Then they’d have to pay him. When they can force Apple to do it free.

Occupy Malheur equals 9-11 attacks that killed thousands

U.S. eyes ways to toughen fight against domestic extremists
The government shifted its focus to international terrorism after al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001.

But in recent years anti-government activists, like those who occupied a wildlife preserve in eastern Oregon last month, have regained prominence.

Bear in mind that some of those ‘domestic terrorists” they’re talking about are the Hammonds, who were convicted under terrorism statute for losing control of a prescribed burn. And the ‘domestic terrorists’ in the NWR have only been charged, at the last report I saw, interfering with law enforcement.

Kill Whites for Gun Control?

That is, kill whites to promote gun control.

Guns and Racism
It might seem that fear of gun violence is the great motivator.
Checking The Tribune on a recent morning, I learned that two people were killed and a dozen wounded. You might think that a steady stream of such reports (this year, Chicago will have over 2,700 shootings, with over 400 people killed) would induce high levels of fear, especially since many shootings occur on the streets. In fact, I’m not particularly afraid, since — like most Chicagoans — I’m hardly ever where the violence occurs. There’s something to worry about only if you live in certain overwhelmingly black communities on the West and South sides of town.
But imagine if there regularly were shootings in previously “safe” white areas. Now there are frequent killings on the Magnificent Mile, the Gold Coast and in Lincoln Park. Both the perpetrators and the victims are white, and, despite greatly increased police protection, the violence continues. Given the strong support for gun control among residents of these areas, the cause would quickly become very personal. Chicago has relatively strong gun laws, but the city borders on Indiana, where the laws are much laxer. My neighbors and I would join a vigorous and relentless campaign for stricter national gun laws.

I’ve read that a couple of times. And it still looks like a plausibly deniable (“What? I didn’t call for violence; I just noted how convenient it would be for our agenda.”) call for attacks on whites to make people fearful enough of “gun violence” to want victim disarmament.

This isn’t our reaction to gun violence in black parts of town. Does this mean that we’re racists? Perhaps not. Perhaps we just haven’t realized the extent to which gun violence is destroying urban black communities.

Maybe you folks isolated in your ivory towers don’t care. But those of us on the streets, the strong RKBA advocates, we do care. We do realize. That’s why we think every honest person should have the option of effective defense.

Feel free to tell Professor Gutless what you think of his call for domestic terrorism: ggutting@nd.edu.

An eTerrorist* Conversation


Mahmud, next time you do one of those bomb threats, don’t use that stupid ‘madbomber@cock.li email account.

As Allah wills, but why not Achmed?

Because no one with any sense is going to take that seriously. I heard that the first thing the NYPD did was check the school testing schedules to see if someone needed to get out of a test for which they had not studied.

But, Achmed, they believed it in Los Angeles!

Mashallah, Mahmud, that they are idiots in California. They even believe in ghost guns, as if a gun has a soul. And you should see their senator with an AK.

* Because these days, they don’t need to do anything to cause a panic. A silly threat will do. From a silly email address.

Reality Disconnect

Feds, Silicon Valley headed for ‘collision’ over encryption issue, post San Bernardino, wave of terror attacks
The competing goals of protecting Americans’ emails and other private electronic messages and helping the U.S. intelligence community decode them to foil terror plots are on a “collision” course, the Obama administration acknowledges.

Not ‘competing’. Diametrically opposed.

But why do we need to sacrifice electronic security for… security unlimited snooping in violation of constitutionally guaranteed rights?

Comey said at least one of the two shooters at the anti-Prophet Muhammad event in Texas in May had exchanged 109 encrypted electronic messages with “an overseas terrorist.”

Oh. Right. The guys who were stopped before they accomplished anything. By good guys with guns. Despite that nasty ol’encryption. On the other hand, the Feebs say the San Berdoo terrorists were sending unencrypted F******k messages, and they weren’t able to stop them.

I don’t think the privacy of us honest folk is ther problem.