A message for Fred Guttenberg

Dear Mr. Guttenberg,

Yes, your daughter was murdered. That’s very sad, and it should never have happened.

But that does not justify you advocating for the large-scale violation of the human/civil rights of tens of millions of people who didn’t do it.

universal background checks, laws that will allow police to confiscate guns from people deemed dangerous, banning ‘high-capacity’ magazines and raising the age to purchase long guns from 18 to 21.

The bucket o’ chum who killed your daughter passed a background check. The courts and law enforcement failed to take his guns (as they could have done under the laws at the time). Law enforcement failed to arrest him for multiple reports of assault, vandalism, and felonious threatening. The FBI failed to investigate multiple — credible — reports that shooter was planning a school shooting. Reports have it that chumboy used low-capacity 10-round magazines, not “high-capacity” standard magazines. Age restrictions don’t stop criminals who buy illegal guns in blackmarket deals (also bypassing background checks) to shoot up schools.

Mr. Guttenberg, if you wish to play the victim card, lay it on the Coward County Sheriff’s Office — which pretty much failed to perform any part of their jobs — and the FBI (ditto), not millions of innocents.

And you might ask why DCF claims the shooter was a “vulnerable adult due to mental illness,” which would mean that he had been adjudicated mentally deficient, meaning that he was a prohibited person. If that’s the case, he should have been reported to NICS, and not allowed to purchase a gun. When authorities became aware that he possessed a firearm, he should have been arrested on felony prohibited-person-in-possession charges.

Your daughter wasn’t murdered because of a lack of laws infringing the rights of those who didn’t do it. She died because courts, law enforcement, the school, and DCF failed to enforce existing laws.

At this point in a gun control discussion, I tend to wonder what makes you think criminals will obey new laws any more than they did previous law. This time…

What makes you think the authorities will enforce new laws any better than currently ignored laws.

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