Did you ever wonder about that blog title up there? “Random Acts of Gibberish.” Maybe you thought it referred to my writing.

Only in part. It really refers to the subjects of most of my stuff: Crazed current events. Which also explains that googly-latin slogan. Run it through an online translator.

When I was young, boys were boys and girls were girls, and it was determined by genetics, allosomes. XX = girl, XY = boy. People who thought they were other than what they objectively, scientifically, were… were considered crazy. We felt a bit sorry for them, and hoped they’d get treatment for their mental illness.

Now, we are expected to accept that genetics has jack shit to do with it, that gender is determined by whatever the flying fuck I think for now. It isn’t enough that we humor such reality-challenged schizos; we have laws requiring us to at least pretend we believe them, and social pressure to actually do so. Failure to recognize that clearly male specimen as female on sight can get you fired.

I wanted to go into a technical field so I could build and fix things like radios and computers. Back then, it was understood that meant studying math and science, so you could do it right, preferably without killing yourself or anyone else.

Now, colleges want to deemphasize math and science in engineering programs, and teach people to apply social justice concepts to bridge building instead of math. This does not bode well for the nation’s infrastructure, as we saw when a Florida bridge collapsed before they could even finish it. Yeah, people died. Because it also didn’t occur to them to block traffic while they worked on that multi-ton hunk of concrete.

I thought it was bad when I realized “remedial” math and English was a real thing in college (outside of of bonehead “jock math” for the football stars). Now you don’t need math so long as you invoke social justice. Which you will be require to study.

I don’t know what you need to be a lawyer. I had a discussion with a law professor who lied about the outcome of a case in the public record and believes the federal government doesn’t regulate firearms at all.

I remember when folks were a bit dubious about letting 18 year-olds vote. When folks below that age weren’t considered mentally mature enough to sign binding contracts on their own.

Now, there’s a huge push to let 16yos vote so they can make laws keeping guns away from folks less then 21yo, because no one under 21 is mature enough to exercise rights.

Speaking of guns, I recall when there were machineguns and semiautomatic rifles, and people knew the difference.

These days? You never know. The ATF has classified funny-shaped bits of metal and shoestrings as machineguns. Now it’s inert chunks of plastic.

We live in a age where our alleged leaders believe in — and make laws based upon that belief — stuff like fully automatic bullets, deadly assault funnels, ghost bullets fired from phantom guns, trigger grips, and two hundred-round pistol magazines.

And I’m sorry the Russians finally made a rifle designated the AK-15, because now reporters who write about AK-15s, AK-16s, AR-47s, and the like are never gonna get their shit straight.

Used to be, folks were ashamed to be on the dole.

Now it’s all “universal basic income, free college with a degree in social justice engineering from a feminist walrus perspective (which accounts for the need for UBI), free health care, free smart phones, and goddamn it free effing everything.” Ask where the money will come from and you’ll get a blank stare and, “It won’t cost anything; it’s free.

Once upon a time, a congresscreep was expected to be bright enough to at least count his bribe money.

Now we have low-grade morons who think they can run the entire country off solar panels and windmills in just ten years, without figuring that 1) it requires several times the production capability of the entire world, 2) it would cost more money than there is. That one has an economics degree (see above re:colleges). Or the guy who wants to enforce gun control laws by nuking most of the country, and can’t grasp that someone might take offense at the threat. He’s running for President, by the way.

We elected a president who astonished everyone by not delivering his State of the Union address via tweets, and ordered his administration to call bump-stocks machineguns. A former president is still running around telling people he’s from Kenya himself.

Maybe Swalwell will get elected.

I’ve got a congressshit who seems to think nothing of the fact that one of his staffers gave every appearance of running an identity theft scam from the rep’s office, and was certain violating the hell out of the Privacy Act of 1974. Sure ’nuff, he got re-elected. Because his opponent was far, far worse. But then, Hank “Tippy” Johnson also got re-elected.

Stacey Abrams, one of the Left’s current darlings, and failed gubernatorial candidate, thinks she can ban guns and everyone will just turn ’em in because no one raised a fuss when the feds banned radar detectors (hint for any millenial reading this: they didn’t). She publicly stated that her voting bloc includes noncitizens, legal and illegal. No one in the media blinked.

Why would they? They believed Jussie Smollet got beat up by a couple of white guys wearing MAGA hats in the heart of Chicago, at 2AM, in sub-zero temps. And that the Covington kids attacked a Native American.

I do a weekly newsletter for The Zelman Partisans. It includes an aggregation of news stories from the previous week, so I have to read and watch a lot of news. Some outlets I can’t use at all because they’re so unreliable: CNN, MSNBC, Daily Beast, and more (correction: sometimes I use them when I specifically need to illustrate shitty reporting). Others I can use, but only if I can verify their version against other reports. You wouldn’t believe how much outright plagiarism I find in the process. Or, if you remember when the news at least pretended to investigate and report, you probably would believe it.

Aggregating that weekly news is now the most stressful work I do, because of the utter crap — “fake news,” if you will — I have to wade through. I doubt any of the subscribers have any idea how much time and effort goes into that little email. (Hint: the newsletter alone is a full time — overtime — job. Unpaid.)

(If any subscribers wondered about those silly cat pictures that occasionally show up in the middle of firearms news, that’s when the stress peaked.)

We now have a generation of “leaders” and “builders” raised to believe everyone gets a trophy, that knowledge isn’t important, feelz trump reality, and who are too fucking insane to recognize reality anyway. They’re “teaching” and training the next generation; we’re into a regenerative feedback loop, oscillating out of control. Literal, unarticulated screeching has become normal political discourse.

We are fucked, and I see no way out of it.

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