Stop New Yorking my rights

This was particularly amusing to me, from a personal experience.

Hundreds turn out for hearing on Vt. gun control bill
Opponents, many dressed in the bright orange T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “Stop New Yorking my Vermont Gun Rights!” said a waiting period requirement would block people who have an immediate need of self-defense from an opportunity to quickly purchase a firearm.

Some years back in New Hampshire, during one of the periods of Dimwitr control of the State House, a Dim entered a bill which would have banned possession of a firearm on any publicly controlled (not just owned) property. Buildings, parks, streets, sidewalks…

Yeah, that bad.

Come the day of the hearing, eight or nine hundred people showed up to voice their objection to the bill. I was one.

When it came time for statements from the public, one of the first (might have been the first) was the bill’s sponsor. Now, remember: this was New Hampshire, the “Live Free Or Die State.”

I shit you not, this damnfool woman stood at the mic and explained that we needed this law “to be more like New York,” where she came from.

Holy crap, I thought the Dimwit committee chairwoman was gonna break her gavel and destroy her vocal cords trying to silence the laughter, and travel recommendations.

Victim-disarmament aside, you’d think anyone with a vague recollection of history would know that getting New Hampshire to be New York ain’t happening.

One thought on “Stop New Yorking my rights

  1. Geoff March 15, 2019 / 12:23 pm

    Exactly what happens when a gun hating Liberal leaves their high tax State (NY in this case), they bring their Liberal Leftist politics with them to pollute the Free States.


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