ChinCOVID. Again. Still. Forever.

Don’t bother wearing a mask; they don’t help.


Wear a mask or die.

But you said…

I lied, so you wouldn’t buy up mask before we could. Sucks to be you.

OK. I’ll get an N9…

No, just wear a fabric mask. Leave the N95s to the pros.

If cloth works so well, why don’t pros just use ’em, too? They’re cheaper.


Hey, look! Statistical evidence that hydroxychloroquine may prevent CHinCOVID. Maybe we should try prophylactic doses.

No, no. Never proved. Not safe.

But large populations have been safely taking prophylactic doses for decades.

Look! A man died from drinking it!

His wife gave him several times the LD-50, and it was aquarium cleaner, not pharmaceutical Plaquenil.

VA study! It killed people!

You waited until elderly people were in the ICU, and even on ventilators, and then hit them with doses approaching the LD-50. This doctor said she successfully used it in 350 cases.

Ignore her. She has funny religious beliefs.

It was shown to be effective against the closely related SARS-Cov-1. Why not give it a shot?

But this is SARS-CoV-2, and it’s magically different.

How? It’s apparently close enough that you think masks work the same for it.

Things that cause ChinCOVID:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Darts
  • Church in cars
  • Solo kayaking
  • Walking out of the house
  • Conservative protests
  • CCW applications
  • RNC
  • The little people
  • Alcohol
  • Lightning
  • Motorcycles
  • Murder

Things that don’t spread ChinCOVID:

  • Antifa/BLM riots
  • VMAs
  • In-person protests against in-person voting
  • DNC
  • The Elites

Panic! Look at all the new cases!

You just increased testing by ten times and more. Before, you only tested a few people who had symptoms.

Panic! Close the schools, close all the businesses!

My state has only had three deaths of anyone under the age of 18. 65% of the deaths were people 70 and older, nearly all with co-morbidities. Why close everything because sick retirees in long term care facilities died?

Panic! Look at all the new deaths!

Daily deaths are down, even if you include the surgical complications, alcohol poisoning, motorcycle crash, gunshot, etc. deaths you faked.

Panic! Another surge in new cases!

You just implemented a new antigen test that will test positive for a wide range of coronaviruses, and multiple states are diagnosing ChinCOVID solely on that without confirmation testing. And oops, Georgia got caught reporting positive antibody tests as new cases, which is physically impossible.

Panic! You had 2,337 new cases yesterday!

No. 2,337 cases were reported to DPH yesterday. We had 66 known new cases. The others were older cases going back as much as a month.

But… panic. You’ve got 256,253 cases.

TOTAL CUMULATIVE, which includes cases that long since recovered. You want to see what new cases look like?

We peaked July 6; almost two months ago.

Fuck you and your totalitarian wetdream.

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