An eTerrorist* Conversation


Mahmud, next time you do one of those bomb threats, don’t use that stupid ‘ email account.

As Allah wills, but why not Achmed?

Because no one with any sense is going to take that seriously. I heard that the first thing the NYPD did was check the school testing schedules to see if someone needed to get out of a test for which they had not studied.

But, Achmed, they believed it in Los Angeles!

Mashallah, Mahmud, that they are idiots in California. They even believe in ghost guns, as if a gun has a soul. And you should see their senator with an AK.

* Because these days, they don’t need to do anything to cause a panic. A silly threat will do. From a silly email address.

One thought on “An eTerrorist* Conversation

  1. MamaLiberty December 16, 2015 / 11:10 am

    Sure, but the children did get spared one day of government indoctrination. Too bad they didn’t actually find half a dozen bombs of one sort or another. The kids would have been spared just that much more aggressive brainwashing. 😦 They’d probably have extended the Christmas holiday shut down a few days anyway.


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