I should vote for them WHY?

Slobbering Vichy National Republican Association fluffer Hutchison is at it again.

Keeping the Magic Numbers in Mind (For Passing Legislation)
This will likely involve flipping the House back to Republican control. Which will have a lot of benefits for Second Amendment supporters. But control of the House is not enough when there is an anti-Second Amendment president. Then it takes 290 votes to override a veto. That would require picking up 100 seats – that is a Herculean effort.
(Search it if you need it. I won’t link to Ammoland until they start marking Hutchison’s columns as enemy action.)

His premise is that to save the Second Amendment, we need to give the House back to Republicans.

The clueless tool pretends to have not noticed that the Republicans suck at the 2A very nearly as much as the Batshit Crazy Party.

I seem to recall that the Republicans had the House, Senate, and White House not too long ago.

  • We did not get reciprocal carry.
  • We did not get hearing protection.
  • We did get an unconstitutional taking of bump-fire stocks that has already led to at least one court case asserting that semi-automatic firearms are machineguns, as they are “easily converted.”
  • We did get a “conservative” Supreme Court that would not so much as allow a temporary stay of that taking.

I also recall a time when a disgusted America gave the Republicans the House and Senate, believing in a contract with America to fix everything the nasty Dims had done.

  • We got an ex post facto law expanding the definition of prohibited persons to folks ever convicted of some misdemeanors.

Dear Bog…

Currently, there are 55 pro-Second Amendment votes, albeit Joe Manchin and Jon Tester are not entirely reliable on confirming pro-Second Amendment judges.

Manchin (of Manchin-Toomey amendment infamy) was never friendly to the 2A. Tester? -sigh-

Yertle McConnell, who tables every pro-2A bill he sees.

“Crickets” Isakson, who loves universal background checks, and wants to fund the CDC’s anti-rights agenda. Isakson, for Ghu’s sake, who refuses to talk to constituents. Whose staffers won’t even answer the phone.

Lindsey “Due process for Trump, bit not for thee” Graham.

And so on and so forth.

Tell me again why we should vote for Republicans, Harold.

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