Sandy Hook Promise:: Victim Disarming Liars

Because we don’t have enough victims yet.


I’m a bit astonished that anyone in RKBA circles isn’t aware of the “Sandy Hook Promise” anti-RKBA agenda by now. SHP first popped up on my RKBA radar in January 2014 when they sent two stooges to New Hampshire to testify in favor of HB 1589 (universal preemptively-prove-your-innocence) and claimed — repeatedly — that UBC would have stopped the Sandy Hook shootings. Apparently they pretend to be unaware that Lanza murdered his mother in her bed and stole her guns. Or, perhaps, they think he would have paused for a background check before he left momma’s bloody body to head to the school. (Of course, HB 1589 would have exempted mother/son transfers anyway.)

They also thought — per testimony — that Connecticut borders on New Hampshire. [grin]

After that, I contacted them to clarify their positions, with several very specific questions. The only responses I could get were what appeared to be an automated reply and another one that seemed to have been sent by a human. Both ignored the questions, with the exception of lying by saying the testilying reps actually told the committee that UBC would not have stopped Lanza.

They also admitted, “Sandy Hook Promise is firmly rooted in constitutional values and as such does not support policy or legislation that poses a burden on anyone’s rights. *We do support gun safety programs and policies that can help save lives.*” (emphasis added-cb)

Heck,I went so far as to check their nonprofit status, since they appeared to be strictly 501(c)3. (Turns out they do have a C4 for lobbying.)

Just another “gun safety” victim disarmament astroturfer.


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