Democrats enabling election fraud since…

Well, since there have been Democrats.

This time we have H.R.1 – For Fuck the People Act of 2019.

To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, and strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and for other purposes.

It passed the House today. GovTrack says it has an 88% chance of being enacted. If it is, there is absolutely no reason for anyone but a Democrat to ever vote again.

Forget debates over the morality of voting, or whether there’s a candidate who represents your views, or if you can trust a pol to keep his promises. There will simply be no point in voting because Democrat voters will greatly outnumber everyone else.

H.R. 1 essentially legalizes fraud.

I’ve been very busy other issues, so while I expected this to be bad, I hadn’t checked on how bad until I heard the House passed it.

Honestly, I still haven’t read all of it. I’m not going to. I started with the voter registration stuff, realized how fucked we are, and stopped. When you’ve got that terminal cancer diagnosis with a few months to live, there’s not a lot of point in getting a dental checkup.

First, we’re going to have Internet registration. If we’re lucky, most new voters will be Russian Bots, and not the Chinese ones. If you can’t figure out how to submit a signature (which in theory would be matched to your signature when casting a ballot — tricky that, since one option is an “electronic signature” online), no problem Just give ’em one when you show up to vote.

Then there’s the automatic registration. Every agency with a list of people will submit those records to the state’s voter registration office. If the folks are deemed “eligible,” they’ll be informed by mail. Unless the potential voter affirmatively declines to be registered — you have to tell them not to — they get registered.

The problem with that… Pretend you’re Chicago. You have an agency that tracks deaths. Agency submits records. Registration office informs dead voter. Dead voter neglects to reply. Registered! Being Chicago, the only difference is that now it’s legal.

Or maybe it’s a welfare office. Which serves, among others, noncitizen resident aliens. Or, in some states, illegal aliens.

Or driver licenses for illegals, or “city ID cards” like NYC’s.

Folks who aren’t in the system, but want to vote, can register manually; in person or online. Let’s say they’re part of Stacey Abrams’ voting bloc. They can’t fill out the complete form because they don’t when “they” (for which read, “the person they’re pretending to be”) were born, or where they live. Never again will Abrams need to sue to get them counted. So long as the application is “substantially complete,” it’s close enough for government work.

Legalized voter fraud.

Guess who else gets to register: sixteen year-olds. Yes, dumbass high school students, who think limiting magazine to ten rounds would have prevented the Parkland shooting, get to register, too.

On the bright side, the bill allows for purging voter rolls (he said sarcastically). With a hell of a “but.”

No purging a voter who never voted.

No purging within 6 months of an election.

Want to purge someone who’s registered to vote in another state. You can do that. IF and only if the records in both states match perfectly: Exact spelling of the first name, middle name (in full), last name, and last four digits of the SSAN.

One state doesn’t record SSAN? Sorry; record doesn’t match, so you can’t purge. Ditto if one state didn’t list the middle name, or only used the initial. This will be very popular with the Masshole students of the University of North Massachuestts New Hampshire, who go to the NH polls in the morning, then jam the southbound interstate to vote in Mass. En mass.

Given the weasels in the Senate, this is probably going to pass. And that will enable the Crazocracy, which leaves the sane and honest folk with no options but a perpetual hunting season.

No wonder the corrupt scum infesting DC want us disarmed.

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