New Zealand “Buyback” Report: 38,192

Previous reports

Kiwis, by and large, are still not giving up their property to authorities who have failed to protect them.

Here are last month’s numbers in comparison to the latest NZP official numbers.

Cat A banned: 26,095
Cat E banned: 4,408
Total: 30,503
Program cost is averaging NZ$2037.22 per firearm (up)
Estimated total cost at NZ$488,932,983 (up)

Cat A Banned: 32,470
Cat E banned: 5,722
Total: 38,192
Program cost is averaging NZ$2042.73 per firearm (up)
Estimated total cost (assuming complete compliance) at NZ$490,255,200 (up)

Running Compliance total: 15.9% (using last .gov estimate of 240,000 firearms)

However, they are now reporting modified firearms, as well: 1,421; which raises compliance to 16.5%.

Cat E compliance: 39.5% (using estimate of 14,500 firearms). Over 60% of registered owners of registered Cat E firearms are not complying yet.

Projection: They are averaging 3.3% compliance per month, for 5 months. I guesstimate 19.8% final compliance if rates remain steady.

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