New Zealand December Provisional “Buyback” Report: 46,750

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With eight days remaining until the deadline, the vast majority of Kiwi firearm owners are thumbing their noses at the government. Over 80% are still not giving up their property to authorities who have failed to protect them.

Here are last month’s numbers in comparison to the latest NZP official numbers.

Cat A Banned: 32,470
Cat E banned: 5,722
Total: 38,192
Program cost is averaging NZ$2042.73 per firearm (up)
Estimated total cost (assuming complete compliance) at NZ$490,255,200 (up)

Cat A Banned: 38,049
Cat E banned: 6,506
Modified: 2,195
Total: 46,750
Total Program Cost: NZ$89,503,303

Program cost is averaging NZ$2008.82 per firearm (down)
Estimated total cost (assuming complete compliance) at NZ$482,118,566.26 (down)

Running Compliance total: 19.48% (using last .gov estimate of 240,000 firearms)

Cat E compliance: 44.87% (using estimate of 14,500 firearms). More than half of registered owners of registered Cat E firearms are not complying yet.

Projection: These are provisional numbers as of December 12. The actual deadline is the 20th. Considering the online registration issues they experienced, I expect these provisional numbers to be very close to the final totals.

Interestingly, up till now, the per firearm payout had been increasing. But now, down to the wire, the average payout dropped. I think what got turned in the past month were “burner” guns — worn or trashed — to simulate compliance, such as it is. The drop in “New/Nearly New” percentage, and increase in “Used” conditions support this theory, as well.

Up yours, NZ victim disarmers.

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